Good morning friends! How is your Thursday going so far? Thursday’s are my favorite day of the week because I have the excitement and anticipation of Friday & the weekend ahead. This Thursday came extra fast because we had a lot of exciting things happen earlier in the week.

First being that Jett got groomed on Tuesday and went from being a furry cuddle monster to a sleek, clean, poodle-machine. I love it when he gets groomed because this time of year when the snow starts melting his hair (especially around his feet, legs, and belly) gets pretty mucky and he needs a hose-down after every walk.

jett grooming before jett grooming after

The timing of his cut was perfect too since next day it was 74 degrees here in New Hampshire. I’m sure he appreciated the shedding of layers.

The other exciting bit was that we had our anatomy scan yesterday! The doctor said that baby is developing perfectly and is right on track. They confirmed again that it was a boy and sent us home with lots of ultrasound pictures.

I am not a fan of ultrasounds and use them sparingly, so I was super happy when the ultrasound tech was able to get everything she needed in under 10 minutes. Baby was super cooperative which helped the scan go quickly, but after about 8 minutes he started to kick at her ultrasound wand, almost to be like “get away” or “give me space.”

baby martin ultrasound

While we were there, I set up my first appointments with both an MFM (high risk OB) and a Doctor, since I’ve been seeing midwives this whole time.

After the scan I went back to work, but ended up leaving shortly after because it was so beautiful out and I had an itch to take a mental health day… or at least half of one.

mental health day

For the longest time I avoided injections in my legs because they never really absorbed well. However, I decided I’d try the legs again…

Leg omnipod pump site

I’m happy to report that absorption has been great so far! I’m so happy to have found another site location because with this growing belly and tightening skin I fear that belly sights are not going to be an option. Let me know if you were able to wear your pump on your belly during the later of your pregnancy, how did it feel and how was the absorption?

I also have an inkling that poor absorption and fascia buildup are somehow linked. I have a lot of fascia build up in my legs from overworking the muscles and never stretching them. So between regular massages, foam rollers, and proper stretching I’ve been able to break down a lot of the fascia build up.

mental health day with jett


  1. Rick Phillips February 22, 2018 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    I suggest you take the scans and use them as family holiday cards this year. I have threatened to send my foot X-rays but I think Sheryl might disagree (spoil sport) :). The poodle looks great, and Sheryl and I are thrilled the baby is and mom are doing well. As for absorption find my back rocks as a great site.

    • T1D Living March 1, 2018 at 3:28 pm - Reply

      That is a great idea for a Christmas card! and hahah about your foot xrays, that would be pretty funny! Thank you for the kind words 🙂

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