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2016 Christmas Gift Haul - Type 1 Diabetes Living

Good morning! How was your Christmas? I hope it was filled with lots of time with family and friends, and hopefully stable blood sugars. I totally rocked my blood sugar numbers on Christmas eve. But then got a little too confident in my skills and tanked it on Christmas day with my highest number being in the 240’s mg/dL.

Let’s jump right in to today’s 2016 Christmas Gift Haul! I wanted to share with you guys some awesome gifts that I received this Christmas…  and even some gifts that I bought for myself because self-love is important too!

2016 Christmas Gift Haul

EssickAir Humidifier

Christmas Haul T1D Living Humidifier

This humidifier was a godsent from my in-laws.  Ever since we moved into our house we’ve been saying we need to get a humidifier. Between our pellet stove and electric heat you can imagine how dry the air gets this time of year. Waking up with a sore throat, cracked hands & lips, and dry skin has just become part of the norm. But not any longer! We pulled this gem out of the box last night and will be getting it up and running tonight.


Bissel Spot Clean Pro

Christmas Haul T1D Living Carpet Cleaner

As you might be able to see from my photos, we don’t have a whole lot of carpet in our house. However the carpet we do have sees a lot of traffic. Plus my car interior is cloth and one of our couches is cloth. And between having a dog that loves to get wet & dirty and living out in the woods you can see why a carpet cleaner would come in handy. I have been eyeing this bad larry for months now. So you can imagine my excitement when my Dad gave me this gift.


Squatty Potty

Christmas Haul T1D Living Squatty Potty

I’m not kidding when I say this may be my favorite Christmas present in this 2016 Christmas Gift Haul – thank you, Mom! If you have never heard of the squatty potty then you need to watch this video. If you have heard of the squatty potty then you already know it’s magic and I don’t need to explain myself any further.


Snowmobiling Bear Ornament

Christmas Haul T1D Living Snowmobiling Bear Ornament

How cute is this little guy?! Every year my Mom gets us a new ornament for the tree and this one is probably the cutest so far.


Herbal Tea from Colorado

Christmas Haul T1D Living Herbal Tea

My brother flew in from Colorado this Christmas and brought with him the most delicious herbal tea mix. Village Roasters is a little local shop that sells a huge assortment of teas and coffee. He bought my loose leaf tea in the flavor of Village Mist and packaged tea in Red Raspberry.


Gifts for Myself, from Myself

I believe self love is so import, which is why this year I really pampered myself. Between getting my Health Coaching certification and enrolling in a couple online business course I have filled my self love bucket to the brim. I also couldn’t help myself when I passed this 2017 planner at HomeGoods the other day. It’s safe to say I am a sucker for anything gold.

2016 Christmas Haul T1D Living Planner

I also ordered a handful of reference books that I cannot wait to add to my bookshelf. Two have already made their way to my mailbox and are currently sitting on my nightstand.

2016 Christmas Haul T1D Living Nutrition and Physical Degeneration 2016 Christmas Haul T1D Living The Truth About Cancer


That wraps it up for my 2016 Christmas gift haul. I would love to know what some of your favorite gifts were this Christmas. Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you all have an easy transition back to the work week and I’ll talk to you again on Thursday!

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