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JDRF Walk Manchester NH 2017

Hello Hello! How’s your Tuesday going so far? I was so tempted to post this post yesterday since I was so proud of our team and all hyped up on fundraising vibes, but I decided to stick to the schedule and post today, Tuesday. So here we are. It’s Tuesday and I am SO excited to share with you some pictures from our JDRF Walk in Manchester, NH last Saturday.

JDRF Walk 2017 Manchester NH

Our JDRF Walk Team

Our team is the One-Eyed Diabetic Pirates. You’re probably wondering how the heck we came up with that name. It’s a long story! In short, my Dad, who is also a T1D, and I were talking about what to do if your blood sugar drops low while you’re driving. We joked, imagine if you did the ‘closing one eye  trick’ (like a pirate with an eye patch). It works when you’ve had too much to drink, and a low often resembles being drunk. Hence the one-eyed diabetic pirate. Of course we would never really do that, but the name stuck and it was funny.

I designed the shirts a little too late and not everyone was able to buy them in time – poor planning on my part, but a great lesson learned for future walks! I also plan on picking a brighter shirt color next year so we stand out!

JDRF Walk Shirt One Eyed Diabetic Pirates

The 3 mile walk was so much fun and went by a little too fast. There was so much energy in the stadium I wish the event lasted just a little bit longer. But it was a heatwave and not a cloud in the sky, so maybe it was a good thing that it wasn’t too long.

Fisher Cat JDRF Walk Manchester

JDRF Walk Manchester

They had so many great giveaways including Disney books to teach kids about T1D. I think this is such a cool, fun way for kids like my goddaughter to learn about the disease that her father, myself, and so many others have.

Harper Mae JDRF Walk

JDRF Walk Disney Diabetes book JDRF Walk Disney Diabetes Cookbook

Our team kicked some serious behind! Not only did we raise our goal of $500, we surpassed it by $160! Raising a total of $660 for type 1 diabetes.

I am so thankful for everyone who donated to our cause and everyone who walked with us last Saturday. You helped support research for life-changing breakthroughs for T1D’s like myself, my father, my friend, cousins, and 3 million others!

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