Holy smokes! It’s hard to believe that I’ve just left my second trimester and entered my third. My second trimester was SO much more enjoyable than the first because I got to say, sayonara, to that pesky all-day-long morning sickness.

While I didn’t need a lot to feel great during my 2nd trimester, because it’s true what they say about the second trimester (you feel like you’re on top of the world), there were a few things that made me feel extra great! Here is a list of my 2nd trimester pregnancy favorites!

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Favorites

1. Belly Butter

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Favorites Belly Butter

Even though my belly didn’t pop until about 20 weeks I knew I should probably be lathering up my growing bump with some extra moisture. So starting around 12 weeks I applied this belly butter nightly after my shower.

Even with nightly applications to belly, boobs, and booty, I’m only about half way gone.

I love this brand in particular because the ingredients are clean and simple. The lotion feels great and only has a slight cocoa butter smell. I’m not into super fragrant lotions/creams.

2. Nutribullet Smoothies

what i ate today 1 afternoon smoothie

This pregnancy has me craving fruit like WOAH! And in the second trimester, when my appetite came back, that’s the ONLY thing I wanted to eat. My nutribullet blender has been running 1-2x day since my second trimester started and let me tell you… it is showing NO signs of slowing down.

Check out my favorite lower carb smoothie recipes:

3. Amazon Baby Registry

natural baby registry baby wear ring sling

I’m not sure when I started to build my baby registry, but I’m fairly certain it was in my second trimester. I chose amazon for my registry for a few reason…the main ones being:

  1. Everyone knows Amazon (and most people have Prime)
  2. You can add products from other stores to your registry (even if you can’t find it on Amazon)
  3. They have an excellent return policy! And great deals on your registry items that no one bought.

See what we put on our amazon baby registry.

4. Prenatal Yoga

Even though I practice prenatal yoga at home, I started going to a prenatal yoga class near me once a week. It was great to meet other mama’s and hang with like minded women. Our yoga teacher (who is also a shaman) is amazing and has given us so many pointers on labor, birth, and postnatal care. I look forward to this class every week!

5. Squatty Potty

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Favorites squatty potty

Pregnancy constipation can be a real pain! While I won’t go into detail, because I’m sure you won’t want to hear it, I will say, the squatty potty will answer all your constipation prayers.

If you’ve never heard of the squatty potty then check out their hilarious commercial! It will help explain what it is and how to use it. Trust me when I say you will want one of these!

6. Blood Pressure Monitoring Cuff

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Favorites Blood Pressure Cuff

With the close monitoring of Pre-Eclampsia in people with diabetes (of all kinds) I thought it would be a good idea to pick one of these blood pressure monitoring cuffs up. About once a week I take a reading and write it down on my phone. I also write in my results from my doctors visits. That way, I can easily see if my numbers start to creep up.

7. Parenting Books

I know pregnant women are known for “nesting” in their third trimester, but is there a term for when moms read up on parenting books? Because it seems like that’s all that consumed my mind during the second trimester.

My favorites were:

8. Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Favorites kleen kanteen

Talk about thirst! Starting in my second trimester (and definitely continuing into my third) I can’t seem to get enough water. It’s the kind of thirst that comes along on with a blood sugar of 400 mg/dL, despite my numbers being in the 80-120 range for most of the day.

I carry this thing around with me everywhere; filling it with RRL iced tea, lemon water, or just plain ol’ water.

9. Collagen & Protein

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Favorites collagen

This carries through to all trimesters, but specifically in my second trimester I focused on making sure I was consuming optimal amounts of collagen (which help with SO many things, but especially skin elasticity – think stretch marks) and protein (which significantly helps prevent pre-eclampsia).

I LOVE the brand Vital Proteins Collagen because it comes from grass fed, pasture raised cows and its packed with 18g protein per serving. It dissolves instantly in water and I love to toss it in my smoothies.

UPDATE: I have recently taken a more whole food approach to minerals/vitamins. I now get collagen via bone broth.

That’s a Wrap!

I hope you enjoyed this list of my 2nd trimester pregnancy favorites! If you missed my first trimester pregnancy favorites, check them out here.

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