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3 Ways to Beat a Funk After The Holidays

Is it just me or do you feel like you’re in a funk after the holidays? After getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I started noticing my funky spells happening more frequently (and lasting longer), which makes sense since it is easier to throw off your biological balance when you have an autoimmune disease. Lucky us.

Being in a funk is no fun and can seriously damper everyone’s spirit, so to avoid being a Scrooge here are some tips I use to get out of a funk after the holidays.

1. Address Your Biological Balance

A chemical imbalance can (and will) affect both your health and mood. What throws of chemical balance? Pretty much everything that surrounds the holidays, but mainly…

  • Not enough sleep. This means getting less than 8 hours of sleep (or less than 9 hours during the winter months).
  • Unstable blood sugar. Need I say more?
  • Vitamin D deficiencies. If you live in certain part of the world, vitamin D rays (UVB rays) can’t reach you year round.  This includes New England, The Great Lakes, Canada, and basically anywhere it snows. The good news is this is easy to fix with vitamin D supplements.  This is the brand I personally use.
  • Stress on the liver. Alcohol is a biggie, but so are processed foods.
  • Dieting or not getting enough nutrient dense foods.

Spend time focusing on each one of these issues. Find ways to stop them before they become an issue. Personally, I set a bed time for myself and try my best to stick to it everyday, even on the weekends. I try my best to keep stable blood sugars by bolusing for stress, insulin resistance (due to lack of gym time during the holidays), and incessant snacking during parties. I pay attention to the sun azimuth calendar to find out when I can actually get vitamin D from sunlight and supplement when I can’t. I don’t drink alcohol, which is a post for another time, and I avoid processed foods the best I can.

2. Think About Your Funk

Usually once I get all my biological issues back in balance I am out of my funk, but sometimes it’s not that easy. Ask yourself what is truly upsetting me? Is it your job, a relationship, your body, your lifestyle? Once you’ve identified what is upsetting you (it could be a list of things), spend time dissecting each one. Ask yourself why does this upset me, what would need to happen for me to not be upset about this any more, and how do I start making this change. It’s okay if you can’t answer all of these questions; just starting the conversation with yourself is a big step in the right direction.

3. Do Something Positive

Even if you don’t want to, go do something positive. This is a pretty broad assignment, I know, but it can truly be anything positive. At a loss of what to do? Think about what makes you happy or what you do when you’re feeling happy. Is it baking your grandmother’s sugar cookies, cooking a nutritious meal for your family, going for a walk with your dog, dancing to music while you clean your house, catching up with a friend over coffee or lunch…you get the picture.

I am a firm believer that movement can solve a whole slew of issues, so my first go-to is taking Jett for a walk; this gets my endorphins firing off like crazy. Plus he is a goofball so I always end up laughing multiple times during our walk, which is great for lifting my mood.

3 Ways to Beat a Funk After The Holidays Jett

Funks Are a Normal Part of Life

Even tho it may not seem like it in the moment, funks are a nice reminder to pay attention to a part of your life that you may have been ignoring. Being a type 1 diabetic, or anyone living with an autoimmune disease, we are more sensitive to these changes because they take more of a toll on our body. This is why it’s SO important that you give yourself a little extra TLC around the holidays.

What is your favorite way to come out of a funk? Let me know in the comments below. And if you liked this post be sure to share it with someone you know!

3 ways to beat a funk after the holidays

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