A couple weeks ago, in a Friday Favorites post, I talked about how much I LOVE my DIY insulin sock. Apparently you guys loved it too because I got a lot of requests asking if I could dedicate an entire post to the DIY insulin sock. And since you guys rock, and I love hearing what you want to hear about, today’s post is entirely about my DIY insulin sock and how you can make your own!

DIY Insulin Sock


Materials Needed

  • Gloves
  • Scissors

DIY Insulin Sock Type 1 Diabetes


  1. It’s always a good idea to start off with clean gloves. Whether they are an old or new pair, it’s probably a good idea to wash them.
  2. Cut any finger of the glove off at the base. You can always cut back extra, but you can’t put it back if you’ve cut off too much.DIY Insulin Sock Type 1 Diabetes Cut Line
  3. Slide glove-finger over insulin vial and presto! You’ve made an insulin sock for your vial.Friday Favorites 17 Vial Sock Insulin Glove



Other options to save your Insulin Vials.

1. Switch to the Pens

NovoLog FlexPen

Right now, through my insurance, the vials are less expensive than the pens, which is why I am using them. But if cost isn’t a factor for you then switching to the pens could be a great option because they are MUCH more durable! Though, not so great on the environment.

2. Rubber Vial Protector

Vial Safe Rubber Insulin Vial Protector

Rubber vial protectors are also a great option to save your precious life juice from shattering all over the floor. The only company I know of that makes them is Vial Safe. Check them out HERE.

Question of the Day

How do you protect your insulin vials?



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