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Driving and diabetes isn’t just about being prepared for lows, it’s also about being prepared for anything diabetes related. Just look at your car as a really big supply case!


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Driving and Diabetes: What Every Person with T1D Should Have in Their Car

It’s always a good idea to stash low snacks in your car, but aside from lows, being prepared for other T1D situations is always a great idea. Just look at your car as a really big supply case. A supply case that can get really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter.


Here’s a list of things that are great to store in your car:


1. Low Snacks 

Depending on where you live your car can be acting as a freezer or oven depending on the month. Some of my favorite car snacks that won’t melt or freeze are:


2. BG Meter

Having a back up meter in your car will save you SO MANY TIMES! Not that you’ll forget to bring your meter with you (although you might – i’ve certainly done it on many occasions), but more often than not, you’ll probably be grabbing it for the test strips or lancets. Carrying a back up meter in your car, fully stocked with test strips and new lancets is an awesome idea.


3. Alcohol Swabs

These things are like hairs ties. You can find them everywhere when you don’t need them, but can’t find a SINLGE ONE when you need it. This is easily one of the fastest depleted T1D items in my car.


4. Needles (if you’re on MDI)

Extra needles are always a good thing. They never go bad, they don’t take up much space, and they aren’t effected by car temperatures.


5. Pump (if you’re on an insulin pump)

Same spiel here. An extra pump on hand is always a good thing. They take a long time to “expire” (and honestly, what can even expire on a pump?), they don’t take up much space, and they are not effected by car temperatures.


6. Phone Charger

This is good to have on hand for many reasons. The main reason being that a lot of diabetes tech is now working through your phone, whether it’s your CGM, a log book, carb counter, or maybe you have a looping system on there… these “apps” can really eat away at your battery life. Which is why having a phone charger in your car is really great idea.  Even if you don’t use your phone for anything related to diabetes, it’s always good to have a full charge in case you need to call for an emergency or you need to use your GPS to find the nearest gas station for a low snack.


7. Electrolyte on-the-go mix

Electrolyte drink mixes (if they contain potassium – which most of them do) are great at helping you bring down high blood sugar because of it’s ability to bring down the acidity of the blood (which happens with DKA – diabetic ketoACIDosis). Drip Drop is my favorite on-the-go electrolyte mix because it doesn’t use any artificial coloring or flavoring.


T1D Car Swag

In addition to loading up your car with supplies, there’s also a lot of really cool car swag that you can get to represent the T1D life and for safety purposes. See them here on my post: Diabetic Driver Safety Swag
Diabetic Car Decal T1D Living Diabetes Blog Diabetic-Car-Decal-Etsy-Wasted-Talent-Designs


T1D Drivers License Laws By State

This website is a great resource to figure out the state laws around driving and diabetes. You probably already know the laws in your state, but this is a great tool for those who are thinking of moving out of their state. https://www.diabetes.org/resources/know-your-rights/drivers-licenses-laws
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diabetes and driving what everyone with t1d should have in their car. t1d driver safety

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  1. Chelsea September 29, 2021 at 11:37 am - Reply

    I also carry low carb snacks (so they won’t effect my BG) for when I’m driving & hungry and just want something to munch on… becuase sometimes I find myself snacking on my high carb snacks/candy when im not even low…. I’m just hungry hah

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