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Friday Favorites 10 T1D

Oooo Friday Favorites are in the double digits! Throughout the week I take pictures and write little blurbs about what’s making me smile that week. On Thursday nights I compile them into a post and Friday mornings they get published as “Friday Favorites”. Everything was going per usual this week until last night when I tried uploading everything. My camera decided to bite the dust.

But the show must go on! So unfortunately, this week’s Friday Favorites are going to be a hodgepodge of things that have happened this week & last week… needless to say, they are all cell phone quality. Enjoy!

DIY Deodorant

Friday Favorites 10 Jett and DIY deodorant

Last week New Hampshire was in a brutal heat wave. I was pretty scared that my DIY deodorant would fall victim to the humidity and heat, but surprisingly it held it’s own! Jett loves coconut oil and since that is the base of this DIY deodorant he always tries to get a taste, as you can see. Which would be fine even if he did since the ingredients are all food safe items (baking soda, cornstarch, and coconut oil).

On the topic of coconut oil….


Coconut Oil

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about the American Heart Association advising Americans to stop eating coconut oil because “it’s bad for you”. I’ll just leave this video here. If you want to learn more, I recommend reading this awesome article by Living Whole.

Family Car Washes

Friday Favorites 10 family car wash days

I think Jett loves family car wash days more than we do! He loves taking naps on the piles of junk that accumulate in our cars during the week and drinking from the garden hose (which makes the car washing process about 3x longer). He is in doggy heaven.

Yes, that yellow thing on the reusable shopping bags is an ice-scraper. If you’re from New England you’ll understand. There is never a safe time of year to remove the ice-scraper. Never.


Essential Oil Wash Rag

Friday Favorites 10 essential oil wash rag

What I loved about conventional cleaners was that you could always smell when someone just cleaned because it smelled like it. Most nights of the week we wipe down the counters with a simple warm-soapy-water mix or plain ol’ vinegar. While this doesn’t always smell like anything, it does an amazing job. That’s when I decided to add a few drops of essential oils to my wash rag when cleaning. Currently I’m using rosemary because it’s what I had on hand. It has a fresh clean scent too, which is exactly what I was looking for.

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