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Friday Favorites 13 T1D Living

Friday Favorites #13

Hip Hip Hooray it’s Friday! I missed last week’s Friday Favorites because we were in Nova Scotia. I tried my best to not let the blog skip a beat but time got the best of me and alas, not Friday Favorites. But I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our wedding day while eating some delicious fat bombs in my absence.

This weekend is our 1 year wedding anniversary and …. we have nothing planned… really. I’m not sure how it crept up on us so fast. Since doing something fancy and elaborate is out of the question, I’m hoping some of you might have some great low-key ideas! Let me know in the comments below.

I’m kicking off week’s Friday Favorites with our Nova Scotia trip!

Nova Scotia Trip





Nova Scotia was amazing. The land was covered in pine trees and it smelled just like Christmas. We spent about 7 hours a day on the motorcycle’s; stopping a few times for lunch, to stretch our legs, and to refuel.

My blood sugar wasn’t the best, but it also wasn’t the worst… especially when you consider the fact that all of our meals were from gas stations and restaurants.

The only rain we hit was on the last leg of the trip and it totally destroyed my dexcom receiver. Thankfully we were only 2 hours away from home when I realized this and had a spare receiver at the house.


Jett stayed with my Mom and step-dad during our trip, which leads me to my next favorite…


Pictures of Jett

pictures-of-jett pictures-of-jett2

If you’re as obsessed with your dog as I am, then you understand how hard it is to leave him/her for even just a week. Even if they are being spoiled and having the time of their life with a family member.. And even if YOU are on an awesome vacation and having the time of YOUR life. The heartache is real.

My Mom was so sweet to send me pictures of Jett and all the fun he was having with them.


Blooming Wedding Tree


Before we headed out on our road trip I made sure to snap this picture. Look at the difference just one year has made in the size of the tree. Earlier this week I was reminiscing about our wedding day and how I handled it with T1D. You should check it out!

I can literally hear when this tree has bloomed because it’s buzzing with bees. There must be thousands of bees pollinating this one tree. It’s a pretty amazing sight to see….and hear!


Spindrift Sparkling Water

spindrift-water-front spindrift-water-back

I’m not the biggest fan of sparkling water because of 1 ingredient: “natural flavors”.  After all the processing, these “natural flavors” aren’t much different than artificial ones. So when I found this brand I fell in love. They are flavored with actual fruit, and it tastes like it!  These drinks are so refreshing and don’t leave you with a weird aftertaste like the other brands of sparkling water out there.

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  1. Mary August 25, 2017 at 11:56 am - Reply

    Your trip looks like it was a blast! For anniversary ideas how about mini-golf & ice cream date or a drive in movie… would be a nice send off to summer as well!

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