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Friday Favorites 16 FALL

Heyyyyy! Happy Friday! How excited are you for this weekend?

I can’t wait for this weekend to start because one of my friends is getting married (and Fall weddings are the absolute best)! Plus the Patriots are playing the Saints on Sunday, and who doesn’t a love a good football game?! Even if it is mostly for the food.

….Speaking of football food, I found THE BEST tortilla chips for football season. It’s the first one on this week’s Friday Favorites list, so let’s jump right in!

Friday Favorites

Jalapeno Agave Chips

jalapeno agave chips front jalapeno agave chips back

Talk about perfect timing! I found these gems just in time for football season. I can’t wait to pair them with a peach mango salsa, or homemade guacamole, or better yet… buffalo chicken dip! I’m not a fan of the whole, baked in sunflower oil bit, but man, are they delicious!

Family Workouts

family workouts

Last year, August was a no-workout month for us. Between the wedding and honeymoon we were out straight! Well, apparently this year we followed suit and didn’t workout a single day in August – tell me about it! Trying to get back in gym mode is hard, but not when you have gym partner, and I have two!

Creepy Skeleton

creepy skeleton

Since moving into our house three years ago I have only bought only ONE door wreath… and it’s for winter. So when I saw this creepy dude at our local hardware store I knew I had to have him. Sometimes the best decorations are found at the oddest places… like a hardware store!

Can you spot Jett?

Double Yolks

double yolks

One of our hens is a twin layer! Every single one of her eggs has a double yolk inside. That poor girl…imagine laboring and birthing twins not just once, but every single day. Yikes! For some reason tho, it makes my day when I crack an egg expecting one yolk and I get two…so the other day when I cracked three eggs and got five yolks my day was made!


Question of the Day

What’s making you smile this week?

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