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Friday Favorites 2017

Boom shaka-laka! Happy Friday! Can you believe that the weekend is already here? Or that this is the second Friday Favorites at T1D Living? Where is the time going?! Let’s hop right into this week’s Friday Favorites with my new favorite breakfast dish.

Blueberry Pancakes

Friday Favorites low carb paleo blueberry pancakes


I made this recipe just the other day and they have already become a favorite in our house. These pancakes are low-carb (keto friendly), paleo, gluten free, and dairy free. The blueberry syrup is what really makes this dish the bomb-diggity, so be sure not to leave it out! Get the recipe for my blueberry pancakes here.


Spring Flowers

Friday Favorites spring flowers Friday Favorites spring flowers 1

Spring is in full bloom here in New Hampshire! The entire property is blooming with a sea of pink, purple, and yellow flowers. And clearly I’m not the only one who appreciates their beauty.


Dex4 Naturals

Friday Favorites dex4 naturals

I love glucose tabs for a few reasons, horrible taste being one of them (yes, really, that’s a pro for me. I’ll explain why in just a second). And these Dex4 Naturals are no different – they taste just as chalky as the originals. BUT!… but, but, but, glucose tablets can have a lot of crap in them between the artificial dyes and flavoring alone, which is why when I stumbled upon these I knew I had to have them!

So why do I love glucose tablets so much? The great thing about a chalky glucose tablets is that not only do they raise my sugar SUPER crazy fast, but I’m never snacking on them like I would with a bag of jelly beans. This also means that I’m not over treating a low because the less I have to eat of these things the better. I don’t use glucose tablets all the time to treat a low, but I do use them when I have a scary low or a fast dropping low and I need to bring out the big guns. Now I can do it without artificial dyes, flavors, or fillers.



Friday Favorites Chickens

We have full blown teenagers on our hands. Our chickens are now 6 weeks old and going through that awkward phase where they have an even mix of chick fluff & adult feathers. And I thought my teenage years were awkward….

Watching these ladies run around, stepping on each other, and jump through the air trying to catch mayflies has been the best source of laughter here. They are so goofy and can’t resist being the center of attention.


2000’s Hits (Pandora Station)

Friday Favorites 2000 Hits Pandora Station

Yesterday my favorite radio station was playing some throwback tunes and I thought, Man! I wish I had a station that was just throwbacks. That’s when I discovered 2000’s hits on pandora. Everything from I’m blue da boo dee da boo da to country grammar, this station will have you singing along and swinging your hips. I love to listen to this station in the car and when I’m cleaning the house.

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