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Friday Favorites 20 FALL

Woah, and just like that it’s Friday again! This week flew by so incredibly fast, I have a hard time believing it’s actually Friday! Which is also why I’m posting this week’s Friday Favorites on my lunch break because I didn’t have a free minutes this morning 🙂

This weekend is going to be BEAUTIFUL in New Hampshire so we plan on spending a lot of time outdoors. Which leads me to my first Friday Favorites of the week…


Friday Favorites #20

Patriots Games… Outside!



1PM football games this time of year have never been my favorite. For some reason, whenever we’re playing at 1PM it just so happens to be an AMAZING day outside. Later on in the year it doesn’t bother me as much because it’s so cold outside, but September and October are a totally different story..

I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before, but last Sunday Justin brought an old TV out of storage, hooked it up in the barn, and laid patio furniture around it. He brought the Patriots game outside and at the same time created a new obsession for me. <3


Massage Roller


HOLY FASCIA. This massage roller is so amazingly painful and does an incredible job at relaxing fascia. Fascia is a web of connective tissue that gets tighter by, what seems like, everything. A tight fascia can lead to a whole slew of aches and pains, cellulite, and poor circulation just to name a few. I’m beginning to think my tight leg-fascia is why insulin doesn’t absorb as well in my legs (tight fascia can act like scar tissue when it comes to injection sites).

I got this massage roller off amazon for just over $10 after my masseuse friend HIGHLY recommended I get one. It feels so painfully good, like a deep tissue massage. You can’t feel the pain at first but after a minute or so of running the roller over your muscle (with a decent amount of pressure) YOU’LL FEEL IT and won’t want to stop. It’s a weird joy.


The Smell of Pumpkin Cookies


I love the smell of my house when I’m baking pumpkin cookies almost as much as I love eating them. Last night I made a batch and the smell filled the entire house. Mmm! I’ll post the recipe here soon because they are delicious and I think you guys would LOVE them! Plus, they only have something like 7g net carbs per cookie!


FreeDiveGirl Instagram

friday favorites freedivegirl

I’m not a fan of standard yoga. The whole time I find myself waiting for it to start, which is why when I saw FreeDiveGirl’s Instagram I fell in love! FreeDiveGirl posts videos of what I call “flow yoga”. She moves in a way that makes you wonder if she is dancing, doing yoga, or stretching. The flow is beautiful and her energy is contagious, even through a device.


Farmers Market Breakfast Sausage


I used to buy Applegate’s maple breakfast sausage, and still do on occasion, but ever since I’ve discovered these breakfast sausages from the local farmer’s market, THESE sausages have been a breakfast staple! They add a little more time to my morning routine if I don’t cook them all at the beginning of the week, but they are SO worth it!



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