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Friday Favorites 22 FALL

Happy Friday Y’all! How was your week? I didn’t have work Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday due to the tropical storm that hit so it went by super fast for me! This weekend we don’t have much on the books other than a trip to the farmers market and a cooking class for my Mom and I. I’ve never been to a cooking class so it should be fun!

Let’s jump right into this weeks Friday Favorites, shall we?!

Friday Favorites #22

Halloween Dex Stickers

Friday Favorites pump peelz
How cute is this little skeleton dude?! I got this sticker from Pump Peelz and they make stickers for almost every diabetes device out there. Pump, CGM, Meter, you name it! Currently, I’m rocking this skeleton dude. Even tho Halloween’s over he still rocks! (hehe – get it? I’m cheesy, I know)


Banana Bread Smoothie

Friday Favorites banana bread smoothie

I don’t know why I am still making smoothies when it’s 40 degrees outside… maybe for the same reason I’ll drink iced-coffee in the winter. It’s a year round craving that I can’t get enough of! I don’t have the exact measurements for this banana bread smoothie because I typically just eyeball my smoothie ingredients… but it’s about ½ banana, 1 cup milk, 1/2  zucchini, small handful of walnuts, 1 TBSP hemp hearts, a splash of OJ, ½ tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp vanilla. It tastes JUST like banana bread.


Jett Snuggles

Friday Favorites jett cuddles
You know that sweet moment when your dog makes you feel like a million bucks 🙂 yep. Jett snuggles are the best. He may have only stayed like this for 5 minutes before running off after a chipmunk, but I’ll take it!


Smashing Pumpkins

Friday Favorites jett smashing pumpkins
Normally every year after Halloween, these babies just get thrown in the compost pile. But now that we have a flock of baby-dinosaur-relatives on our hands, we feed them to the birds (hehe – sorry, I promise, that’s the last one!).



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What’s making you smile this week?

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