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Friday Favorites 25 Winter

Happy Friday and happy start to your holiday weekend! I hope your weekend is filled with amazing blood sugar numbers, delicious & clean food, and quality time with the ones you love. Since I haven’t done Friday Favorites in a few weeks, this weeks list will be a bit longer than usual.

Let’s dive right in!

Friday Favorites #25

Orange Garland

If you have never made orange garland before, let me tell you, you NEED to! It couldn’t be easier to make and it smells incredible! Just set your oven to 250F, slice your oranges no thicker than ¼” and bake for 3 hours (flipping halfway). Once your oranges are done you just string ‘em and hang ‘em!

How festive and beautiful?! I have even seen some use cinnamon sticks as the “string”. I bet that smells amazing.


Christmas Grooming

FF 25 jett haircut

Jett is the softest most cuddly dog to begin with, but after a grooming session… psh! It’s like i’m touching angelic clouds. Our groomer is amazing and doesn’t use any scented shampoos or sprays, so when we pick him up and I bury my face in his soft coat I’m not nauseated by that over perfumed grooming smell. Which I’m sure his sensitive nose appreciates too.

And how adorable is his Christmas bandana he came home in?!


Puppy Gifts for Maggie

FF 25 maggie toys

On the topic of adorable puppies, my Mom and step-dad just adopted the sweetest cattle dog mix you’ve ever seen. We picked her up some toys for Christmas and of course, Jett had to make sure they’re in good working order before we could give them to her.


Chocolate Peppermint Fat Bombs

Paleo Chocolate Peppermint Fat Bombs
Chocolate and peppermint = Christmas. That’s why I have been making these for just about every holiday get-together this past month, and they have been a hit! Check out the recipe HERE.


Landing the Perfect Yankee Swap Gift

FF 25 diffuser

You know how Yankee Swaps go… they are usually hit or miss. That’s why it’s so awesome when you land the perfect Yankee Swap Gift, like this essential oil diffuser I won at our most recent Christmas party. #winning


New Boots for Yard Work

FF 25 muck edgewater boots

Living in the woods has meant getting a whole new wardrobe. Cleaning the chicken coop and mucking around the yard doesn’t go over so well when you’re wearing sneakers, flops, or even snow boots. My Mom got Justin a pair of these Muck boots for Christmas a couple years ago and even tho they are huge on me I have been stealing them every chance I get. Sorry babe! Thankfully, Justin gets to reclaim his boots because MY boots are in!

I got the Edgewater II boots because they are more flexible, especially in the heel which helps to prevent blisters. They also have a wide opening, so those with bigger calves (like myself) will loves these! They run big, so make sure to get a size down.




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