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Friday Favorites #30 Winter

Good morning! Are you ready to start super bowl weekend? Our team is in the super bowl this weekend (New England Patriots) so of course this weekend is HUGE for us! I actually did my grocery shopping on Thursday because I didn’t want to be anywhere near the grocery store craziness once the weekend hit.

I look forward to Justin’s family’s super bowl party every year because there is so much to love! Between the food, people, commercials, oh yeah, and the game, there is so much excitement and energy. Every year I’m asked to bring my guacamole, which I happily do because not only is it a free food for me (aka I don’t have to bolus for it), but it’s super easy to make.

My Guacamole Recipe


For every 2 avocados I add…

  • juice from 1 lime
  • about ¼ c diced red onion
  • about 1 tsp cumin
  • salt, pepper, and cilantro to taste.

Sometimes I’ll add in diced tomato (but not every time because I have a sensitivity to nightshades)

If you’re looking for more great app ideas that are low carb, check out this roundup I did at the beginning of football season HERE.

Talk about a long intro! Let’s get into it! Every week I share a list of some things that are making me smile this week. Let me know what you’re loving this week in the comments below!


Friday Favorites #30

Homemade (Low Carb!) Belgian Waffles

Low Carb Paleo Waffles 01

Yesterday I post a recipe for my low carb paleo waffles HERE. What I didn’t tell you was that on Wednesday morning I used these waffles as sandwich bread for my egg sandwich. Soooo freaking delicious.


Lunchtime Walks

lunchtime winter walks

My blood sugar loves a good, low impact, dose of cardio. Especially during this pregnancy! And it’s great to get away from the office for a bit to reset my mind and get the blood flowing.

I always take a snack and my omnipod bag with me which has my meter, dexcom shiz, and glucose tablets. I rarely need to break into these, but it’s always good to have.


Jetts Winter Coat

Jetts Winter Coat

As much as I love Jett’s short summer cut, I really do love his winter coat too. He is so fluffy at this point in the winter (and looks like a much bigger dog than he actually is). Justin and I were watching our latest addiction, Sons of Anarchy, and I looked over and saw Jett all sprawled out on the couch and snapped this picture.


Cherry Berry Plum Chocolate Smoothies

cherry berry plum smoothie

This pregnancy has me craving fruit like WOAH. I can’t get enough. But since fruit also has boatloads of sugar, I need to be smart about my fruit choices, which is why I’ve been mostly sticking to berries.

I picked up this bag of Cherry Berry Plum and mix it in with my frozen blueberries for the most delicious, dimensional, berry smoothie I’ve ever tasted. Sometimes I’ll even add a bit of banana to it, but I try to never exceed 20-25g carbs per meal. Anything more than that makes it hard to stay within my pregnancy BG ranges.


Expectant Mother Parking

maternity parking

I officially get to park here now! I recently went to Babies R Us to pick up a registry gift for a friends shower and was so excited when I saw this sign. But I will say that the moment I got out I felt a tad guilty since I’m barely showing and have no problem walking distances. Anyone else feel this way too?

There were practically no cars in the parking lot, so that guilt faded pretty quickly and turned into a big ‘ol smile on my face. I think I remember even rubbing my belly as I walked in. At this point, I’m surprised I didn’t start crying (happy tears of course). #pregnancy hormones.


Question of the Day

What’s putting a smile on your face this week?

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