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Friday Favorites #33 Winter

Bamb! And just like that it’s Friday again! The weeks have been flying by lately; it’s hard to believe that I’m already halfway through my pregnancy and that spring is right around the corner. Even my tastebuds are craving spring flavors, like my shamrock shake smoothie. I’ve had one with breakfast every day this week (and sometimes I make it for dessert too).

shamrock shake

MMMmm I just can’t get enough!

In celebration of my LOVE for this shamrock shake smoothie, let’s kick off Friday Favorites #33 with an ode to my favorite smoothie.

Friday Favorites #33

Shamrock Shake Smoothie

Shamrock Shake

I think I already talked this one up pretty good in the intro, so I won’t say much other than MMMMmmmmm!!! Get my shamrock shake recipe here! Note: the color difference in the two pictures is what happens when you use fresh spinach vs frozen spinach, but either way, the taste is still delicious!


5.7 A1C

5.7 a1c

Staying in pregnancy BG range is hard work! Especially when you’re battling morning sickness, pregnancy hormones, and resistance. So boy does it feel good when you get your A1C results back and it’s under a 6! This is probably my favorite thing about this week!


Delicate Gold Necklace


I am not one for jewelry, but when I saw this delicate gold necklace on etsy I had to have it. I have super sensitive skin, and most jewelry makes my skin turn green or red & hivey, even when it claims to be pure or contain no alloys. But this necklace seems to be passing the test! I’ve worn it all week with no issues! For those who are curious, this is the shop I got it from on Etsy.


Chips (Avocado Oil & Pink Salt)

avocado oil pink salt chips

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, then you know I am ruled by my salty tooth. I can turn down any dessert… but chips… now that’s a different story. The issue I have with most chips, however, is that they are baked in inflammatory oils (like canola, vegetable, and sunflower oil) and seasoned with refined table salt (no bueno for your health). So you can imagine my excitement when I saw this beautiful bag. Not only is it cooked in avocado oil, which is a healthy, heat stable oil, but it’s also seasoned with unrefined pink sea salt. The chip Gods have finally heard my call.


What are you loving this week?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Rick Phillips March 3, 2018 at 9:49 pm - Reply

    Oh that shake looks good. Humm that sounds like something I might even try out.

    • T1D Living March 6, 2018 at 11:41 am - Reply

      It’s delicious! 🙂

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