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Woop-woop it’s Friday people! And that means it’s time for friday favorites. I am so excited for this weekend because, for some reason, last weekend went by so fast that it didn’t feel like I got a weekend at all. So I plan on fully enjoying every last bit of this weekend ahead.

Now onto our usual Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites #37

Vegan Rob’s Cheddar Puffs

cheddar puffs

I recently put these Cheddar Puffs on my Thrive order, but when I spotted them at my local food store I had to pick them up. Talk about impatience. I was surprised at how addicting they are! I can’t wait to get the other flavors in my Thrive order.


Blood Pressure Monitor

blood pressure cuffs

Starting in my second trimester, I began testing my blood pressure at home. Pre-eclampsia, tho not overly common (even in the T1D realm), is definitely something to be mindful of during pregnancy. I got this great little device off Amazon (here) and 1-2x a week I take a reading and jot it down in my phone. Now with a good baseline I can see if it starts to do anything funny.


Re-Growing Green Onions


I love it when I can stretch my dollar… and one way I do that is re-growing green onions. After I chop them down I simply put them in a glass of water, sit them by a window, and watch them re-grow!



red raspberry leaf tea

Red Raspberry Leaf tea is a great uterine tonic and is proven to help tone the uterus for labor. I started drinking a cup a day, beginning in my second trimester. Just this week, since I’m so close to my third trimester, I upped it to 2 cups per day.

While the taste isn’t sweet and tastes nothing like raspberries, it’s really starting to grow on me. Not that it was bad to begin with, but it certainly wasn’t something I drank because of the flavor.


Low munchies in the store looking like pregnancy cravings

low munchies

Earlier this week I went grocery shopping and went low mid shopping trip. So I ripped open a bag of chips and munched on them as I shopped. As I passed people they would smile and chuckle and one lady even stopped me and said, “I really needed a laugh today, thank you.”

I realized that with my big pregnant belly it looked like I had the pregnancy munchies and couldn’t help but open a bag of snacks to eat while I shopped hahah.


Question of the Day

What made you smile this week?

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