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Friday Favorites 38 Spring

Can you believe it’s already Friday?! Between doctors appointments, vet appointments, and running around like a mad woman on my lunch breaks, this week has absolutely flown by for me! It’s hard to believe it’s Friday, but I’ll take it!

Friday Favorites #38

Breakfast View


The mornings are probably my favorite time of day, especially now that it’s not pitch black when we wake up. There is something so calm yet energizing about mornings that make me feel super ambitious; like I can tackle whatever is thrown my way. And it helps that I have a super cute dog at my feet.


Aloe Shave Gel

aloe shave cream

I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy hormones or what, but I lately I have been breaking out in the worst razor burn rash after a shave. For the first time ever I think I need to buy a shaving cream/lotion instead of just using water.

I am so excited to try this product, hopefully my armpits will be just as happy!


@EmpoweredBirthProject on Instagram

empoweredbirthproject-1 empoweredbirthproject-2

I absolutely LOVE this Instagram account. They show a lot of what some would consider “graphic content” (so to be safe, I am showing you a screen shot of the non-graphic content) but I think it is so beautiful and raw. I’m learning that the more you familiarize yourself with birth (ALL aspects of it) the less scary it is. It actually becomes empowering.

If you’re pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant, or maybe even if you’ve already had kids, I highly recommend following @EmpoweredBirthProject on Instagram. The women shared on this page are strong, inspiring, and so amazing.


Primal Dog Food


After watching Ty Bollinger’s “The Truth About Pet Cancer” docu-series I realized that I need to seriously step up Jett’s dog food game. Even just reducing his kibble intake by 20% and replacing it with real food makes a world of difference in terms of cancer rates in pets.

While serving him a 100% raw diet is ideal it isn’t realistic for our family right now (time or money wise). So instead I picked up these Raw, Freeze-Dried, Nuggets from Primal. I just mix two nuggets in with his kibble (which I reduced by about 20%), and some water (since freeze-dried food needs to be re-hydrated), and serve. He gobbles this up so fast and licks his bowl clean… I think it’s safe to say that he approves!


Question of the Day

What’s one thing that brightened your day this week?

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  1. Kelly C April 13, 2018 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    I am loving the 70 degree weather here in NY!

    • T1D Living April 17, 2018 at 9:50 am - Reply

      Ooo that sounds so nice!!

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