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Friday Favorites 42 Spring

Happy Friday! And time for our usual Friday Favorites! This morning started off with a perfect AM walk with Jett. The temperature was perfect, the bugs were gone, and he walked beside me (and didn’t pull) the whole time. This is something we’re constantly working on with him, so it’s super rewarding when he listens.


When we got back from our walk I whipped up our typical eggs and sausage breakfast with some low carb chocolate PB smoothies. While I love diversity in my food, this breakfast is such a winner in terms of health, blood sugar, and taste. It’s hard to steer away from something so good!


Now that the dog is taken care of and breakfast is made (and digesting), let’s get right into this weeks Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites

Preggie Pals Podcast

Preggie Pals Podcast

I’m not sure how I’m only discovering this podcast now, in my third trimester, but it’s amazing! They cover such a wide range of topics from battling morning sickness, to natural labor & delivery, c-sections, and postpartum plans. If you’re pregnant and looking for a good podcast I highly recommend the ladies over at Preggie Pals Podcast.


Sunny Days for Afternoon Walks

friday favorites sunny days

I always take sunny days for granted by the end of summer. But when I get beautiful sunny days like this after a season of snow and a month of April showers, I’m reminded of how special these sunny days really are.


The Ketogenic Diet for Type 1 Diabetes Book


Look what just came in the mail! I ordered this Ketogenic Diet for Type 1 Diabetes book off Amazon earlier this week and I am so excited to dive into it! Of course I still have a few birthing and postpartum books to get through first, but this keto book will be next on my list! Have any of you read this?


Mini Mason Jar for Vitamins


I like to space out my vitamins by taking them throughout the day, and not gulping them down in one sitting. But I also don’t like to carry around 3+ bottles of vitamins in my purse all day because that takes up a lot of space. That’s why I love this little mini mason jar (which I’m pretty sure is a recycled ‘moonshine nip’ from a friends wedding YEARS ago). It’s the perfect size, isn’t made of plastic, and can easily be washed.


Question of the Day

What are you loving this week?

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