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Happy Friday Ya’ll! How excited are you for this weekend?! While we have absolutely no plans this weekend I am super excited to just chill and roll with whatever plans this weekend throws our way. Although I have a feeling Jurassic World II might be part of the weekend plans 🙂 The big question is… do we see it in big comfy recliner seats at the new theatre or go old school and see it in the bed of Justin’s truck at the drive-in theatre?

friday favorites oatmeal

This morning started with a totally out-of-the-norm breakfast for me this morning… oatmeal. I know what you’re thinking… what about my staple sausage & eggs breakfast? Unfortunately I’ve been having a slight aversion to animal proteins during this 36th week of pregnancy and have a hard time wanting and stomaching them. So low carb oatless oatmeal it is!

Check out my recipe for it here >

Before I ramble on too much, let’s get to today’s post! Every Friday I share a list of things that have put a smile on my face this week. I love hearing what some of your favorite things this week have been so let me know in the comments below!

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Friday Favorites #46

Finally Packing my Hospital Bag!

friday favorites packing hospital bag

This may be old news to some of you who saw my post on Tuesday, but I have to share it anyways because it is such a relief that it’s finally done. My hospital bag is packed!

I even packed Jett’s bags for when labor strikes because he will be staying with family while we’re at the hospital.


Kite Hill Yogurt

friday favorites kite hill yogurt

Have you guys tried this dairy free brand? Holy smokes! It’s incredible. I got hooked on their cream cheese last week and immediately went back to Whole Foods to pick up their yogurt. The yogurt is made from almond milk and they have so many delicious flavors. Blueberry and strawberry are my favorite! Each cup has 15g carbs, which is on the high end for me since I like to add fruit and granola to my yogurt so I mix it, half and half, with their unsweetened version.


Drip Drop Electrolyte Powder

friday favorites drip drop

I picked up this electrolyte powder to bring with us to labor & delivery. My plan is to avoid an IV so staying hydrated and replacing lost electrolytes is vital! I got the berry flavor at my doula’s recommendation and it is so delicious! It tastes like a Gatorade but has only 7g carbs for a full glass. It’s also free of dyes and artificial flavors. You can find Drip Drop on Amazon and see all their flavors.


Fresh Local Strawberries

friday favorites strawberries

While I wish I could say that I picked these myself, my 9 month pregnant body is not easily capable of strawberry picking at this point. Justin’s Mom was so sweet and picked us a whole basket and we’ve been munching on them all week. It’s amazing how much more intense the flavor of local strawberries are compared to the ones at the grocery store.


Question of the Day

What put a smile on your face this week?

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