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Woop-woop it’s finally Friday and the start of Father’s Day weekend! And unless you consider letting the chickens roam free-range (outside of the run) for the first time EVER a big deal (which I totally do), our plans are pretty low key all weekend aside from a family Father’s Day BBQ on Sunday. Let’s jump right into to some of the things I’m loving this week in today’s Friday Favorites.

Veggie CSA

friday favorites veggie CSA

A few weeks ago, some girls from work and I joined a local CSA for veggies. CSA’s are community supported agriculture programs where you pay upfront for your season of veggies or meat (or both!) and every week you get delivered a share.

I was thinking of starting a garden this year, but when my seedlings failed pretty early on in the season I decided I’d better leave it to the pro’s – at least this year.

I am so happy with the quality and variety of this first delivery! I can’t wait to see what next week brings.

Dilly Beans

friday favorites dilly beans

If you have a salty tooth like me and love all things vinegar then you will melt when you try pickled green beans, aka dilly beans.

I tried my hand at making my own dilly beans, and although I wouldn’t call it a total fail because I’m devouring them now while writing this post, they certainly aren’t as great as the ones from the farmer’s market. So if you have a good recipe or any tips, let me know! I’m all ears!

Summer Bucket List

adult summer bucket list t1d living

Justin and I always talk about really fun date ideas and adventures we need to go on and say, “we should totally do that this summer!”. But, we either forget or completely book out our summer and have no time to do these totally awesome adventures. Hence the summer bucket list!

So Delicious Ice Cream

friday favorites so delicious

I discovered this brand over a year ago and am completely in love with them. Their ice creams are dairy free, soy free, and gluten free! They even have some varieties that are “no sugar added”.  Right now I am loving their cashew milk salted caramel cluster ice cream!

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