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Happy last day of August! And while today isn’t officially the last day of summer, it certainly feels like it with September right around the corner. So before I get to ahead of myself, like with this delicious low carb pumpkin donut recipe I posted on Monday, let’s reminisce about the summer of 2018! Here are some of my favorite moments…



31 weeks pregnant diabetes

jett sunbathing

Now let’s jump right into Friday Favorites #50! Holy cow! Can you believe we’re at 50?!

Friday Favorites

Cabinet Door Bumpers

friday favorites cabinet bumpers

Yes, these cheap little gel blobs put a smile on my face this week. A HUGE smile on my face. That’s because everytime one of our kitchen cabinet doors slammed shut it would either wake Miles up from his nap, or if he was breastfeeding it would cause him to throw his head back (startle reflex) and take my boob with him – very painful. So when Justin picked these up I almost cried!


Walking Again After A C Section

friday favorites walks

Oh how I missed walking. Especially our evening walks as a family. I’ll tell you, one of the hardest things after a c-section isn’t the pain (tho it is pretty uncomfortable) but the fact that you can’t…shouldn’t….be doing your normal activities for at least 6 weeks. So walks like these make my heart and my soul very happy.


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Question of the Day

What put a smile on your face this week?

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  1. Kendal A September 4, 2018 at 11:10 am - Reply

    I just picked up my first spooky fall reading book, A Stranger in the House. I LOVE spooky fall reading!

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