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It’s Friiiday it’s Friiiday it’s Friiiiiiiiday! Are you guys ready for the weekend?! We’re one week away from Valentine’s Day weekend which means we’re one week away from heart shaped Valentine’s Day pancakes and strawberry smoothies!

I experimented with some chocolate pancakes with a peanut butter maple syrup earlier this week and they were delicious! I also did something incredible… I took the extra PB Maple Syrup (I know what you’re thinking – who has extra PB Maple Syrup?!) and drizzled it on top of my PB & Strawberry smoothie. If you could have seen my taste buds, they’d be doing the macarena!

I’ll be posting my chocolate pancake recipe w/ PB Maple Syrup next week, so keep your eyes out for that!

And now, it’s time for Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites #63

Miles Mastering the Roll Over

Justin and Miles Rollover

It has been so much fun to watch Miles go from trying to roll over to full blown I’m rolling over! However, now we really have to be on our game when it comes to – is he near the edge of something? what’s in arms reach? and how soft is his landing space?


Balanced and Barefoot

balanced and barefoot

I am a firm believer in kids playing outside and getting dirty; learning the limits of their body and creating awareness of their surroundings. Because I’m always chasing down the why’s, I wanted to learn a little bit more about why movement and outdoor play is so crucial to a child’s development.

I am only on the first chapter, and so far am really loving it!

Here’s the summary:

Today’s kids have adopted sedentary lifestyles filled with television, video games, and computer screens. But more and more, studies show that children need “rough and tumble” outdoor play in order to develop their sensory, motor, and executive functions. Disturbingly, a lack of movement has been shown to lead to a number of health and cognitive difficulties, such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), emotion regulation and sensory processing issues, and aggressiveness at school recess break. So, how can you ensure your child is fully engaging their body, mind, and all of their senses?

Today it is rare to find children rolling down hills, climbing trees, or spinning in circles just for fun. We’ve taken away merry-go-rounds, shortened the length of swings, and done away with teeter-totters to keep children safe. Children have fewer opportunities for unstructured outdoor play than ever before, and recess times at school are shrinking due to demanding educational environments.

With this book, you’ll discover little things you can do anytime, anywhere to help your kids achieve the movement they need to be happy and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.


Mini AE Clothing Haul

ae clothing haul feb 2019

American Eagle is one of my favorite clothing stores and lucky me I had a couple of gift certificates (and store credit) to do some shopping. I got these super cute leggings, fitted sleeveless top (which will be great on its own or for layering or on those days where I don’t want to wear a bra), my favorite bra – but in a new color, and scrunchies.

Immediately after taking this picture I had to take my scrunchies back from Jett and tell him that they are not a toy.


New Plates for Work Lunches

We eat first with our eyes – Apicius, 1936

everything bagel seasoning salad plates-and-bowls

Nothing takes a ten star lunch from great to gross quite like a paper plate can. Which is exactly why I went to Homegoods earlier this week and made a $10 investment in bowls & a plate for work lunches.


Patriot Nurse’s Advice on Storing Insulin During a Shit Hits The Fan (SHTF) Scenario

Catch up on this week’s post

What I Ate Today #8


Question of the Day

What made you smile this week?

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  1. Kelly February 8, 2019 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    those pancakes look delicious! i can’t wait for the recipe

  2. Shannon February 8, 2019 at 3:07 pm - Reply

    I just got Atomic Habits in the mail after your recommendation and I am so excited to start it this weekend

  3. Matt D February 8, 2019 at 3:43 pm - Reply

    on my last sensor for g5 then im moving to g6. stoked :p

  4. Rick Phillips February 8, 2019 at 10:05 pm - Reply

    My favorite thing this week may be miles doing the roll. Lets face it doing the roll is the best.

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