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T1D Friday Favorites 7

Holy Cow! It’s already Friday! Despite yesterday dragging, this week flew by! I guess that’s what a 3 day work week feels like. I would love it if every week was 4 days off, 3 days on! Talk about the perfect work/life balance.

Pump Peelz

Pump Peelz Dexcom Type 1 Diabetes

Dex has been stylin’ in her new summer wardrobe. How awesome are these patterns?! Now that it’s tank top & shorts weather my dex is getting a lot of exposure so I figured I’d have some fun with it. I ordered a few patterns for both the dex transmitter and patch from pump peelz. I am very impressed with the quality and the amount of patterns they have to offer! They even give you the option to upload your own design!


Dexcom Android Wear

horseback riding android wear

Earlier this week Justin, Jett, and I went on a hike and I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have my dexcom readings right on my wrist. So many times before when we would go on hikes we’d have to stop for me to pull my transmitter out, but now I just look down at my wrist. This was super helpful during my riding lessons too. If you have an android phone and a dexom you need this app. Read about my experience with it here and here.


Evening Strolls

evening strolls T1D evening stroll T1D

I’m not sure how or when it started, but we are now evening stroll people. After dinner we hop in the car and drive down to our favorite park. I love it because it’s device-free quality time to hear about each others day, laugh at Jett (because he’s usually doing something goofy like barking at a lamp post), and just wind down from the day. We usually can time it perfectly with the sunset and get this incredible view.


Fran Denim – Jeans that Pass the Squat Test

Fran denim jeans t1d living

Where are my bigger bottomed guys and gals?! I usually have THE HARDEST time finding jeans that fit. I need jeans with a normal to small sized waist and more room/stretch in the butt & thigh area. I found the brand Fran Denim on instagram and ordered a pair of their jeans right away. These things fit like a glove and pass the squat test with flying colors!

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