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Friday Favorites 8 T1D

And just like that it’s Friday again! I’ve been looking forward to this Friday ever since I bought Justin and I Brantley Gilbert concert tickets last month! Brantley Gilbert is a new country artist favorite of mine and I am so psyched that he’s playing at the Bank of NH Pavilion tonight. I have a sweet spot for country music, especially live country music.

Today is a half day at work for me, so I gotta get moving! As always, here are few things that are making me smile this week in my Friday Favorites blog post.

Wild Blueberries

Friday-Favorites-8-wild-blueberries Friday-Favorites-8-wild-blueberries2

The universe is funny. After spending a decent amount of money on blueberry bushes and hours digging through our rocky hillside to bury them, we discovered and entire 20ft area of wild blueberry bushes that are a mere 4 yards away from our garden. These berries are super tiny but sooooo delicious!

Mother Nature 1, Rachel 0.



Book: Born to Run


After reading raving reviews from other bloggers, I pick this book up from my library with some serious doubt. I’ve never found books on running to be all that interesting, but I was very impressed with this one. It’s more of a story about the Tarahumara Indians and their ability to run hundreds of miles without injury (or rest for that matter). If you are (or were) a runner I think you will be very intrigued by this read. (yes I planned that rhyme)

Friday Favorites jett chewy

This is not a sponsored plug for This is 100% my own doing, because rocks and deserves a shout out! We ordered Jett’s dog food on, just like we do every month, but when the bag came to us there was a tear in it. Of course, that tear attracted about 1,000 ants (which I didn’t realize until after I lugged the 50lb bag into the house). I wrote to Chewy telling them of the incident and within 30 minutes I heard back from them. They told me they were going to ship us a new bag and instead of sending the torn bag back to them, they asked that we kindly donate the torn bag to a local animal shelter if we weren’t going to use it. Within 2 days our new bag was sitting on the front porch. Chewy, you rock!


Sandalwood Hair Brush


I ordered this hair brush on amazon almost a year ago after reading about the benefits of wooden bristled brushes. I find that I’m brushing my hair all the time just for the incredible scalp massage that this brush gives. My hair is also really fine and super prone to static. But because this brush uses wooden bristles it doesn’t generate static and my hair doesn’t frizz up. Plus, it’s made from sandalwood so it smells divine.

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