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Friday Favorites 9

It’s Friday!! Woop-woop! This weekend is pretty low-key for us which means lots of time hanging out in the yard, swimming by the river, and relaxing. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day when our chickens lay their first egg, so I foresee a lot of nesting box spying on my part.

Here are some things that have been making me smile this week, in today’s Friday Favorites blog post.


Waffles as Sandwich Bread

waffle sandwich

Earlier this week I shared with you all my recipe for flax seed waffles, but what I didn’t tell you was that in addition to making a great breakfast food, they are a great low-carb option for sandwich bread! Spread a little mayo or hummus, layer with protein and veggies and WAFF-ANDWICH! You’ve made yourself a waffle sandwich.

Note: I devoured my waffle breakfast sandwich and completely forgot to take a picture. I found this image on google to show you what I’m talking about. Photo creds go to I will update this pic with a T1D Living waffle sandwich picture this weekend.


Summer Swimming in the River

Friday Favorites River Swims

River swims are the best! Especially in our area. With so many spots to choose from you can have your own secluded spot or go to one that is bustling with rafters, tubers, and rope swing jumpers. Since Jett tries to climb on people when they are swimming, essentially drowning them, we choose the secluded spots when we have him in toe.


Handwritten Recipe Book

Friday Favorites Recipe Book

There’s just something about handwritten recipes that enhance the cooking experience. Does anyone else feel me? I tried the Google Drive recipe organizer, which I love and use as back up, but there is just something special about having a physical recipe in front of you, and extra special feels if it’s handwritten.


Cast Iron Skillet Scrapers

Friday Favorites Cast Iron Scraper

No matter how much oil I lay down on my cast iron skillet, I always end up searing food to it. I guess that’s kind of the draw to cast iron skillets, but man, they are a pain to clean. Especially since soap is a big no no if you want to keep the seasoning. That’s when these little guys come in hand. They scrap seared food off without the help from soap. And they don’t effect the years of seasoning you worked hard to build.


Metal Straws

Friday Favorites Metal Straws

Plastic straws create a lot of waste and crack pretty easily. Paper straws aren’t much better and start to disintegrate in your drink after a mere 15 minutes or so. Metal straws are the Goldilocks of straws. They are durable and reusable. This is the brand I bought and they even come with a little pipe-cleaner looking do-hickey for cleaning.

If the sight of this chocolate smoothie is making you swoon, get the recipe for my low(er) carb chocolate PB banana smoothie and make one today!

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