Holy cow, how is it already almost Thanksgiving?!

If you’re anything like me, THIS is the time when you start your Christmas shopping.

For the past few years I’ve been really into gifting experiences, like massages, facials, trampoline park jump passes, etc. over material items.

Not saying I never gift physical/material items anymore, but I definitely have been leaning away from it. Which is why when I saw this graphic I immediately saved it.

This year Justin and I are each planning a date night as our Christmas gift to each other.

And for Miles we were thinking of continuing “The 4 Gift Rule”, but with a twist…

  • something to wear: GoodWill and local 2nd hand stores are 😘👌 for the toddler age because of how quickly they go through clothes.
  • something to read: Where’s Waldo book
  • something to experience: trampoline jump pass or maybe some grappling classes
  • something to play with: I haven’t decided between Magna Tiles, Legos, or some kind of bad guy action figure like Green Goblin or Venom because right now we only have the good guys.

For stocking stuffers we’re thinking:

  • gum
  • origami-ed $1 bills
  • mini puzzles (lots to choose from at GoodWill!)
  • play dough
  • movie theatre tickets
  • toddler activity books (mazes, cut & paste, pencil control, connect the dots) (we also picked up a Highlights hidden picture book at the store)

I hope your holiday shopping is off to a great start.

And if you want to get something for yourself, I highly recommend Sugar Medical’s cases & accessories. I wouldn’t recommend anything that I don’t use and & love myself. They have thought of everything in their designs. Their cases even have a used test-strip trash can! Use my code T1DLIVING at checkout to save 10%!

I’ll be off next week spending time with family, but I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule the following week. Talk to you then! Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. Rick Phillips November 18, 2022 at 9:22 pm - Reply

    Growing up my mom’s family had nothing. They were in public housing while their father (my grandfather) was in a state hospital for 2 years with tuberculosis. He was in an iron lung for twice for 4 and 2 months. It was hell.

    At any rate, with five children they often relied on the neighborhood church for meals and some work and virtually everything. So long short at Christmas there was not much and in fact the community foundation blessed them with food, clothes and gifts each year. It started a lifetime of support that my mom gave to others.

    With all those issues her parents still wanted to give the children something. So on Christmas morning each child got a stocking. The stocking was the surprise. Sometimes a little toy, other times a candy bar. But always two things an apple and and an orange,

    Now my parents while not wealthy had means. It was nothing like my grandparents had experienced. But in honor of the sacrifice her parents had made each year, I also got a stocking. Sometimes it had a small toy from the drug store or a candy bar, But always it had an orange and an apple. It is a tradition even my sons, now 40 and 42 still give that to their children. It reminds us of who we are and where we came from.

    It is hard to believe that I am one generation away from public housing, but I also have my foot in the 1940s when my aunt was diagnosed with T1D at age 7 and died at age 10. I am the product also of my mom’s experience, diagnosed with T1D at age 23, died at age 48. Now me diagnosed with T1D at age 17 and still going at age 65. The orange and the apple remind me to be grateful every day.

    I am grateful of what Sheryl and I have, but also that the children so far do not have T1D. Even if they do ever have T1D, the orange and the apple remind us to be grateful.

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