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2017 Healthy New Years Resolution

The new year is right around the corner and just I realized something… I have no resolutions! Every year this day creeps up on me more quickly than the last; but I’m so glad I remembered just in time to make my healthy new years resolution.

Over the years I have gotten better at to sticking to my resolutions. I keep my list short and realistic. And I also make sure my resolutions actually mean something to me. Two years ago my resolution was to show more love to the people I love. Last year it was to exercise my joy more and really take time to do what makes me happy. As I think about what I really want 2017 to bring it’s optimal health.

Healthy New Years Resolution: Optimal Health for 2017

Optimal health means living beyond the standard of health. It’s not just being absent of disease (which living with 3 autoimmune disease makes that part kind of impossible), but actively striving for health; both mentally and physically. I plan to do this in several ways:

  • Better blood sugar – maintain an A1C of 6.0 or lower
  • Prioritize sleep
  • Pay attention to the sourcing of my food
  • Play more (and move more)
  • Smart workouts (more on this in another post)

By limiting my resolution to one intention it is easier to remember, making it easier to obtain. And how empowering is it to look back on your resolutions and give it a big ‘ol fat check mark!

What is your healthy new years resolution?

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