You’ve seen it here on the site, and you may have seen it on my emails… I’m creating a diabetes course that goes over the DIABETES BASICS, and I’m not just talking about counting carbs & pre-bolusing 15 minutes….we get that spiel in our endo’s office and let me ask you – how well has that served you? Because if you’re like me, that little (and very VERY vague) piece of advice isn’t cutting it because you’re still seeing BG’s in the 200’s almost daily.

This course will go over:

  • Diabetes Basics (mastering the mealtime bolus, how & when to adjust your ratios, etc)
  • Diabetes Burnout
  • T1D Habit Forming
  • Reducing Carb Sensitivity (for all my ex-keto folks)
  • Increasing Insulin Sensitivity
  • and more!

I had originally planned on launching this course in the Fall, but the more I worked on it the more I realized how in-depth creating a course actually is. And I want to make sure that I don’t leave out a thing!

So for the next couple months the ONLY thing I will be focusing on for T1D Living is this course. No new blog posts, no new t-shirt designs. I will be locking myself in a proverbial cave until it’s complete! If you are on my email list I’ll give you updates on how it’s coming along and will give you the first heads up on when the launch will be. So if you’re not part of my email list JOIN HERE!

“Always pass on what you have learned” -Yoda

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  1. Rick Phillips December 7, 2022 at 9:35 pm - Reply

    Good for you !! Bad for us.

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