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My T1D Wedding Day

Our 1 year wedding anniversary is right around the corner and I’m feeling a little reminiscent. For a while I contemplated whether or not I should wear my insulin pump and dexcom on my wedding day. I was new to T1D devices and felt pretty shy about showing them. My Dexcom I could definitely hide on my leg, but I would most likely be putting my pump on my arm because insulin doesn’t absorb well in my legs and my dress was tight fitting in the abdomen. I was so concerned about it being in pictures and trying to figure out ways to hide it, but then it hit me. This is me. This is where I am at. This is what diabetes looks like in 2017. Why am I ashamed of that? If anything, I should be proud! That’s when I decided to not only wear my pump on my arm, loud and proud, but I decided to bedazzle it too.

The day started off with an intimate ceremony of about 24 people. Our adorably sweet Goddaughter was our flower girl and her mother, my maid of honor, walked with her down the aisle. Then as the music slowed and came to a stop my Dad and I took our first step onto the isle. I was totally shocked by how at-ease I was walking down the aisle. Don’t get me wrong, I was a bundle of nerves in the moments before, but the seconds I saw my Husband smiling at me and realized my Dad was holding onto me tight I felt all my nerves vanish just as quickly as they came on.

And then, you guessed it….

i do T1D Wedding
We officially became husband and wife.

Now it was time to party! 100+ guests showed up and partied with us all day (and night) long! We had volleyball, cornhole, ladder ball, and giant jenga. We had a slider station with pulled pork, buns, and all the toppings. We had pigs in a blanket, mini chicken cordon bleu bites, Cesar salad, and fruit salad. We had endless amounts of beer, wine, iced tea, and soda water. The kamikazes, unfortunately, were not endless.

T1D Wedding 2

I made it a point to not obsess over numbers this day, and anything between 70-200 was good by me. Looking back I am SO glad I wore my little robots on my wedding day. It was so easy to be able to glance at my dex to see where I was at instead of having to stop and prick my finger. And being able to give myself insulin without having to work around my dress was an absolute DELIGHT thanks to my omnipod.

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