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A New Direction Towards T1D Living

Before I talk about the new direction I’m going in with my blog I want to back it up and take you on a little journey back to the year 2015.

How it all started…

When I launched this blog back in April 2015 I intended to share healthy recipes and green-living tips. I briefly entertained the idea of focusing on type 1 diabetes but convinced myself that no one would be interested. Instead I decided to play it safe and talk about general health & wellness.

It was a great idea at first but I found myself feeling lost pretty quickly. Not only was I not talking about a major part of my life (cough, diabetes, cough), but health & wellness is such a broad topic that I felt like my blog posts had no real direction.

A New Direction.

That’s when I started to inject (pun intended) diabetes into the blog. The more I talked about type 1 diabetes the more I comfortable I got with my own diabetes. I started putting my insulin pump on my arm in plain sight because I wasn’t embarrassed by it anymore. I began conversations with other type 1 diabetics when I caught a glimpse of their insulin pump or CGM. Before I knew it I was getting approached left and right from fellow T1D’s or parents of T1D’s who had questions about my pump, CGM, or diabetes in general.

We talked about topics that I remember being uncertain about when I was first diagnosed with T1D. We shared diabetes hacks that make life so much easier. And we shared stories of funny T1D moments that only other T1D’s would understand (or would think are funny). That’s when I knew my blog needed to be about T1D living.

My hopes with this blog are to share my experiences with T1D living and to be that resource for you that I spent years searching for. Join my tribe and together we can make this T1D journey a whole lot easier!

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  1. Anonymous October 9, 2016 at 2:12 pm - Reply

    Great article! I love that you’re following your gut!

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