Hey all! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have finally shared the pregnancy news with you! It feels like I can finally let you in on a part of my life that I’ve been dying to share!

Since I made the pregnancy announcement at 15 weeks, I wanted to play catch up and show you whats been going on from weeks 8-12. So, without further ado, here is my pregnancy update for weeks 8-12.

Pregnancy Update Weeks 8-12

Baby’s Size (& My Size)

Week 8
pregnancy updated belly 8 weeks
Baby is the size of a raspberry & I gained 1lb this week.

Week 9
I totally spaced taking a picture this week. But I had no changes in belly size from the previous week. Baby is the size of a pecan & I gained 0lbs this week (100% attributed to morning sickness and food aversions)

Week 10
pregnancy updated belly 10 weeks
Baby is the size of a grape tomato & I gained 0lbs this week. My whole body, especially my face felt very puffy and bloated this week.

Week 11
Again, no pictures, sorry guys! I need to get better at remembering to take belly shots! Baby is the size of a strawberry & I gained 0lbs this week.

Week 12
pregnancy updated belly 12 weeks
Baby is the size of a lime & I gained 0lbs this week

Blood Sugar

Week 8
pregnancy updated dexcom 8 weeks

Blood sugars weren’t the worst, but also not the best this week. Between struggling with morning sickness and food aversions, eating my normal foods (which I have perfected the bolus for) is almost impossible.

Week 9
pregnancy updated dexcom 9 weeks

I was able to get a smoother BG line, even though it was a tad on the higher side. But no complaining here! Still great numbers.

Week 10

pregnancy updated dexcom 10 weeks

Yeah baby! Now we’re talking! I finally started to feel better around this time. My eating was more normalized and my BG reflects that. Pat self on back!

Week 11
pregnancy updated dexcom 11 weeks

Still doing really well! Although Endo wants my average at 120, I can see that I’m getting there. Very proud of my numbers here.

Week 12
pregnancy updated dexcom 12 weeks

There is that noontime resistance kicking in. Again, not bad, but I noticed that I would hover in the 150-160 range no matter how much I bolused. Time for an increase in basal!

Insulin Needs

Week 8-12

My insulin needs haven’t been very eventful this first trimester (thank goodness).

In the beginning of my first trimester I experienced slight resistance, I think from leftover ovulation hormones. I have a setting in my pump for when I ovulate, which gives me about 50% more insulin overall. I noticed that during the first trimester I continued to use this setting until about 8 weeks pregnant (so for about 5 weeks after I ovulated).

After 8 weeks I was back down to my pre-ovulation ratios and have remained there since. I did have a few days where I couldn’t keep my sugars up, but I think that was because I wasn’t eating very much due to morning sickness.

It was also right around the 8 week mark that I noticed I didn’t need to pre-bolus. This is because pregnancy slows down your digestion so that your body has time to break down and absorb as much nutrients for baby as possible. Due to the slow digestion, a pre-bolus would actually drop me. So I was bolusing most of my meals shortly after eating them.

I also noticed that exercise drops me like WOAH now.


I didn’t have any symptoms until 7 weeks…I actually thought I was one of the few lucky ones who would skirt by the first trimester without any morning sickness. But boy was I wrong!

Week 8

Nausea kicked in hard last week (week 7) and is still going strong – entirely without vomiting, my boobs are a bit sore, and I always have to pee!

Week 9

Feeling very bloated (all over). Fatigue is kicking in. Nausea is getting better but I’m still nauseous for about half the day (typically the second half of the day). Thankfully, still no vomiting. However I do still have aversions to the thought (and action) of preparing the food; which makes meal planning nearly impossible.

Week 10
No change from last week. Still have that all-over-bloated feeling and I started to feel the round ligament pain. If feels like someone pinches your belly – a quick pain, then gone.

Week 11
Nausea is getting better, but headaches have been added to my list of symptoms. But my constant peeing has taken a break. I feel like I’m back to my normal pee frequency.

Week 12
Nausea is almost totally gone, but headaches have really ramped up! I’m still getting random round ligament pain and stomach feels uncomfortable if I move a certain way. All other symptoms have pretty much faded.

Food Aversions

8 -10 Weeks
It’s not a specific food, but the general thought of preparing food, any kind of food, makes me sick to my stomach. So much so that I can’t even cook or prepare meals anymore. Justin has taken over this task for the time being, which means our meals look like this:

justin cooks

11 Weeks
I can finally start preparing food again. It still makes me a bit queasy, but I can power through it if I don’t think about it. Cooked vegetables, meat, and pickles make me want to yack.

12 Weeks
Still struggling with the aboved mention, but ESPECIALLY cooked vegetables.

Food Cravings

8 Weeks

FRUIT, eggs, and basically anything that is junk & loaded with carbs (pizza, mac n cheese, french fries).

9 Weeks
Fruit, egg sandwiches, vegetarian sushi, cereal

10 Weeks
Fruit, yogurt, pickled green beans, peanut butter & jelly

11 Weeks
Fruit, chocolate smoothies, peanut butter & jelly, pistachios

12 Weeks

Fruit, chocolate smoothies, hot dogs, broth. This breakfast is what I craveeee every morning.


8 Weeks
Waking up about 1-2 times per night (to pee).

9 Weeks
Still waking up to pee, but other than that the sleep is pretty solid. Had two pregnancy dreams – both times I was having girls (one time it was twin girls)

10 Weeks
Falling asleep really early (like 8pm) because of severe headaches and nausea in the evenings. But I sleep solid throughout the night, haven’t been waking up as much to pee.

11 Weeks
Still going to bed early and sleeping solid until about 5am. Then I toss & turn until 7am. Not waking up to pee at all!

12 Weeks
Sleep has never been so amazing! Dreams have been great too.


  1. Melissa Albright April 19, 2018 at 3:49 pm - Reply

    I recently found out that I’m pregnant with twins and I also I’m T1 Diabetic, I am scared. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy, it’s encouraging.

    • T1D Living April 20, 2018 at 10:59 am - Reply

      Congratulations!! I highly recommend the book by Ginger, Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy. It is SO SO SOOOOO helpful. And honestly if you stay on top of adjustments you will do great! Oh, and joining the Type 1 Diabetes & Pregnancy FB group has been incredible helpful to my T1D & pregnancy journey. You got this! There are thousands of us right along this journey with you <3

  2. Jade October 12, 2022 at 1:23 pm - Reply

    why did you take the pregnancy series down? i was going to reread some of it for information. mostly the which vitamins type 1s need the most

    • T1D Living October 13, 2022 at 9:18 am - Reply

      Hi! I did a site redesign and am re-adding all the blog posts one-by-one to make sure nothing is broken with my new layout. I’ll move the pregnancy series to the top of the list tho! I can have them all back up by this weekend 🙂

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