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What do all these things have in common? They are all things that I have thought about at least 12 times today. Let me explain…

Let’s start out with the best news first: I am engaged! Fiance and I got engaged back in April and have been going back and forth about what we want to do for a wedding. We’ve entertained every idea possible, from a destination wedding to a backyard BBQ to eloping. Every idea had it’s ups and downs, so it was extremely hard nailing something down, but we did it! We decided to have a small backyard wedding. We love the idea of a laid back backyard wedding, plus it gives us plenty of space for dancing and lawn games.

The planning has been really fun too. We are even thinking of doing an ice-cream bar to replace the traditional wedding cake, because neither of us are fans of cake. There is still lots of planning left to do, but I’m glad it has been stress-free so far.  Which leads me to my next topic… Dog balls.

Our puppy got fixed last Thursday and he is doing great! We dropped him off in the morning and by the afternoon he was already awake and ready to go home. What a champ! I thought it would all be smooth sailing from there, but I underestimated the power of my nerves. I have been so worried about what he is doing, how he is feeling, and am constantly checking his incision to see how it’s healing. Talk about a crazy puppy-mom!

Jett's Donut

The doctor told us to put a donut or cone on him to discourage him from licking the incision, but the cone and donut were doing more harm than good… he was bumping into walls, getting his hand stuck in the donut and falling over (hahah I couldn’t help but laugh when he did this), and he wasn’t able to sleep or get comfortable (which if you’re a dog owner you know, if he isn’t sleeping – we aren’t sleeping either). So we tried something crazy…. we put boxers on him. And guess what, it worked! It was just enough of a deterrent to get him to stop licking the incision; and he looked super cute too.
Jett's Boxers

Now, to a more serious topic. As some of you know, a family member of mine has been diagnosed with cancer. To be respectful of their privacy, I am not going to say who it is or give out a lot of details. We are all staying very positive and treatment is starting within the next couple of weeks. The doctors believe that they’ve caught it early enough, making it very treatable. So put your positive ju-ju in the air and please be thinking of all of us.

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