Back to school season is upon us! 🎒📚💉 As we gear up to head back to school with T1D I wanted to share some back to school T1D favorites so that you can add sprinkles of awesomeness to your school routine.

Here are the main categories, in case you want to jump around:

  1. Backpacks & Supply Bags
  2. Stickers, Patches, and Charms
  3. Markers & Notebooks
  4. Pump & CGM Covers and Stickers
  5. Books
  6. Low Snacks
  7. Medical Alert ID
  8. CGMS with Share Feature
  9. BONUS!

1. Backpacks & Supply Bags

The first category in this Back to School T1D Favorites post is Backpacks and Supply Bags! If you’re a long time reader here then you know that my all time FAVORITE bag and case company is Sugar Medical. I have personally met the owner, Cheryl, a fellow T1D, and she is truly incredible. I love supporting good people, and she is good people. Cheryl is giving all my readers (yes, you!) a 10% savings on your ENTIRE ORDER when you use the code: T1DLIVING at checkout.

Some other great bag & case companies are:

Now back to the list! Here are some great 2023 back to school T1D Favorites finds!

AbiliteeAdaptive Insulin Pump Belt

Insulin Pump Belt
This softstretch waistband from Abilitee Adaptive is for insulin pumps and has a hidden zipper pocket for Insulin Delivery – Medtronic, Omnipod, Tandem. Comes in blue, pink, or white.

Diabetes Backpack for School
Edelman Diabetes Backpack from Myabetic
What makes this 3-in-1 diabetes backpack T1D friendly? It has a detachable front pack that organizes diabetes supplies to use as a separate testing kit. It also has an insulated interior pocket for medications and snacks (even though we now know that insulin doesn’t need to be cold, it’s still nice to keep your low snacks cold or from melting). Available in navy too!

Myabetic Kids Diabetes Supply Case

Fun Kids Diabetes Cases
Myabetic has three fun diabetes supply cases for kids. Available in dinosaur, unicorn, cat.

2. Stickers, Patches, and Charms

Sugar Medical Stickers T1D

Good Glucose Vibes Diabetes Sticker
This vinyl sticker from Sugar Medical adheres to water bottles, laptops, coolers, windows, and more.

Save 10% on your entire order at checkout with code: T1DLIVING

T1D Stickers

‘Diabetes Sticks’ Stickers

The Etsy shop, Diabetes Sticks, has SO many cute diabetes stickers! Her vinyl stickers adhere to water bottles, laptops, coolers, windows, and more!

Myabetic stickers

Myabetic Stickers

Add flair to notebooks, letters, gift cards, and more with these adorable motivational stickers and fantasy fun stickers from Myabetic.

diabetes medical alert tag

Custom Bag Tags
This tag would go inside of your or your child’s bag (tho you could hang it on the outside too). The back is customizable too!

Embroidered Medical Patch

Medical Equipment Patch
Bright and eye-catching, this Medical Equipment patch clearly marks your diabetes case or bag containing essential medical supplies. Great for everyday identification, traveling, or passing through security!

T1D metal charm

T1D Metal Charm

This metal T1D charm from Etsy is perfect for backpack, supply bag, or keys!

3. Markers and Notebooks

T1D Notebooks

Diabetes Notebooks

These notebooks are designed by yours truly. Me!

And if you’re like, I would LOVE this on a t-shirt! Well then you’re in luck! These designs can be printed on just about anything. Check out my shop!

T1D diabetes markers

Diabetes Markers

While I don’t love a majority of the color names for these diabetes markers (I think they’re pretty negative), I do think they’re on the right track and just need a liiiiitttle redirection to a more positive side. I’ve sent an email to the company with some color name suggestions.

See their color names and my suggestions below:

  • Diagnosis Day Black (my suggestion: Tough as Nails Black)
  • Diaversary-Pride Purple
  • A1C Stress Mess Blue (my suggestion: A1C too good to be Blue)
  • Daily Determination Blue
  • Glucose Guilt Green (my suggestion: Glucose Glitter Green)
  • Strength & Spirit Yellow
  • Over It Orange (my suggestion: Orange Juice Saves the Day)
  • Test Strip Error Rage (my suggestion: It’s a Bleeder)
  • Plea for a Cure Pink (my suggestion: T1D Unicorn)
  • Carb Confusion Brownie (my suggestion: Carb counting brownie)

4. Pump & CGM Covers and Stickers

Sugar Fam Reusable Pod Covers

Reusable Pod Covers from SugarFam
Color your diabetes with these Omnipod Covers! Endlessly reusable, easy to use and made from a strong, flexible material. The cover fits perfectly, feels soft to the touch and weighs next to nothing. A subtle color that makes your device a little less noticeable, or a color that pops to match your outfit.

Sugar Medical pump POPs omnipod

Reusable Pod Covers from Sugar Medical
Remember mood rings? These PumpPOPs by Sugar Medical, gives every OmniPod user the opportunity to express how they’re feeling with reusable pod covers. Easy to put on and take off, change them out however many times you wish. Offered in several colors to match any outfit or style.

Save 10% on your entire order at checkout with my code: T1DLIVING

6. Low Snacks

Low Snacks
My FAVORITE compact low snacks (that won’t melt or freeze!)

Hypo Snacks Tin

Hypo Snacks Tin
This Hypo Snacks Tin from Etsy is designed to carry your hypo treatments. They can be filled with jelly babies, juice boxes, skittles, glucose tabs & many more. Made of high quality metal with a high gloss finish. Design is NOT decals or markers. They use high quality inks and the latest technology to print, and it will not fade, crack or peel. Providing a permanent finish.

7. Medical Alert ID

RoadID Medical Alert

Road ID

I have worn a RoadID for YEARS! They are one of my favorite medical alert ID’s. They have a lot of different styles, but this stretch band is by far my favorite.

Gold Bar Chain Medical Alert ID Type 1 Diabetes

Etsy Metal Engraving

This Summer I bought a new medical alert bracelet for myself and have been loving it! There are so many similar styles you can find on Etsy, but I ordered from Mignon and Mignon on Etsy and am SO pleased with the quality and how fast it shipped.

8. CGMs With Share Feature

There are currently 2 CGMs with a share feature, meaning you can see the CGM results from multiple phones… the data is being shared in real time.

9. Bonus! Lancets and Sharps

PIP Lancets

Painless One-time use lancets by PIP

Depending on your schools medical policy, they may not feel comfortable reusing lancets (and really, we shouldn’t either, but we do 😂). That’s where PIP comes in! These one-time use lancets by PIP are tiny, inexpensive, and painless!

mini sharps container

Mini Sharps Container

They are perfect for Glove Boxes, Purses, Lockers, Bags, Desks, and Backpacks. They help keep your Diabetes bag organized so you never have to worry about where to dispose of your used items.

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  1. Angela August 9, 2023 at 11:52 am - Reply

    I want everything! These are great finds. My favorite is the low snacks. I never thought to do maple syrup or honey packets. Thanks for the ideas!

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