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hey there i'm rachel t1d

Hey! I’m Rachel. I was diagnosed with T1D when I was 20 years old; I had just finished my sophomore year of college.

Eight years later, in 2016, I created T1D Living to connect with more T1D’s because I felt pretty darn lost…and lonely.

Turns out, there are A LOT of us out there! And we all seem to be looking for a T1D bestie & tribe. Which is why I’m so glad you wound up here!

Welcome to the T1D Living tribe!


Here I share all the cool tips & tricks that help me stay in range and have an A1C between 5.5 – 6.2%.

I’m also a BIG foodie and share delicious recipes that are not only easy to bolus for (and didn’t spike blood sugar), but also support our bodies to work the way they were designed to work.

If you said YEEES to all that, then this is the place for you, friend!

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