Alright, folks, let’s talk about the ULTIMATE bridal DIY project: a DIY bedazzled Omnipod.

I’ll show you where to get the bedazzles and what to do with them.

Because there is no better time to make a statement than on your wedding day, right?

Should I Hide My Insulin Pump on my Wedding Day?

Now, some people may opt to hide their insulin pump on their wedding day. Depending on the style of the wedding dress, the leg is usually the only place to hide it… But if you have horrible leg absorption like myself then you’ll be spending your entire wedding day (and the two days following) chasing down highs.

And who wants to worry about HIGHS on their wedding day? Not me.

That’s why for me, I knew that wearing my insulin pump on my arm was the way to go if I wanted:

  • in-range blood sugars
  • to think about diabetes as little as possible
  • to not have that HIGH dry mouth (imagine saying your vows with cotton mouth 😬) or the high headache

PLUS the idea of looking back on my wedding photos YEARS FROM NOW and seeing the diabetes tech from 2016 was just to too cool to pass up.


How to Make a DIY Bedazzled Omnipod

Step 1: Buy flat-back faux pearls & diamonds on Amazon.

Step 2: The day before your wedding, grab some gorilla glue and go to town. Applying each gem one by one.

Step 3: Allow glue to dry for 12 hours.

Now, Here’s the Kicker

My wedding was in August, and summers here in New Hampshire are wicked humid! So I did the bedazzling the day before my wedding to make sure the Omnipod adhesive would hold up.

I mean, I accidentally did it a week before and the adhesive started to curl and buckle – not exactly the look (or functionality) I was going for. So the day before my wedding, I whipped up a new design, let it dry overnight, and by the morning it was ready to wear.

Still Torn? To Show or Not to Show?

Let me tell you, wearing your DIY bedazzled Omnipod on your wedding day is a serious power move. To anyone out there considering whether or not to show your pump on your wedding day, I say this: go for it!

Especially if it means smooth blood sugar for your big day.

diabetic wedding with an omnipod

Funny SideBar

The day after our wedding a guy at the grocery store asked me, “How long have you been cigarette free? That’s one sparkly nicotine patch you got there!”

I loved his excitement for me. And as surprised as I was by his comment, he was equally surprised to learn that it was my insulin pump.

When my bedazzled pump expired on day 3 I was sad to see it go, but I was also a little bit happy to put on a regular pod.

this is my insulin pump T1D Life

One more thing to help you out before your BIG DAY…

Need to get rid of those stubborn adhesive marks from your pump or CGM before your wedding day? Then you need this post! ⤵

Get rid of insulin pump marks naturally

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What are your thoughts on hiding or showing your diabetes tech on your wedding day?

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Dusan September 9, 2016 at 5:59 am - Reply

    You looked absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day pump and all. I am so proud of you and your positive attitude. Hope you had a fun honeymoon. Love you honey.

    • Where The Wild Stuff Grows September 10, 2016 at 5:13 pm - Reply

      Thank you!! We had a blast on the honeymoon! I can’t wait to post pictures 🙂

  2. Phoebe May 4, 2023 at 6:11 am - Reply

    Such a good idea! I’ve never been one to “show off” my diabetes tech, but I definitely don’t hide it either. I just put it wherever it will work best and based on site rotations. and that is HILARIOUS about the guy at the store thinking it was a nicotine patch!

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