Happy Friday!

A little while ago I saw a really fun post from one of my favorite bloggers, Peanut Butter Fingers. It was a A Picture an Hour blog post, and I wanted to try it out!

So yesterday I set a timer on my phone to take a picture every hour. Here are the results…

1 Photo an Hour


6AM: I have been starting my mornings off with a walk. Just 15-30 minutes. Before I do anything. Before eating, before reading, before working.

7AM: After walking, Miles and I fed the animals and let the chickens out of their coop. The ladies are always very curious about my phone. Most of my pictures of them look like this one.

This hen is named, Capitan Hook 🪝 If you look at her left foot you’ll see that one of her toes hooks inward at a 90o angle. As a baby she broke her toe and it healed like this. She has full movement and control of it.

Healthy Egg Breakfast

8AM: Now it’s time for us to eat. Every morning we have some form of eggs. This morning was 3 eggs over easy, on homemade sourdough toast, and homemade maple sausage. I typically always include some kind of fruit with breakfast to help cut the savory-ness, but we were all out this morning.

Working from Home

9AM: Today happened to be a work-from-home day for me so at 9am I was starting my day from our barn.

10AM: Another thing I’ve been incorporating into my days (in addition to the morning walks) is movement breaks every hour. Since I work a desk job about would otherwise be sitting for 8hrs straight with a screen 2ft from my face, I now set reminders in my phone to remind me to get up and move every hour. Even if it’s just for 1-2 minutes.

My movement rule is I need to move my body for 1-5minutes every hour AND look at something that is further away from my face than a phone, computer, or book would be.

This hour that looked like checking on our garden.

11AM: For my next movement break Miles and I checked the mailbox. I am forever ordering (used) books off Amazon or ThriftBooks. Even tho they are only a couple dollars a piece it definitely adds up if you do it enough (which I most definitely do).

12PM: I wasn’t able to grab a picture of our lunch because we were so hungry that we scarfed it down… but while we were inside for lunch I was also browning some egg shells for the chickens. We brown them a bit, which changes the flavor, then put them in the blender so it turns into a powder and BOOM – the BEST calcium supplement for the chickens.

Why bother changing the flavor? That’s so they don’t try to eat their own eggs thinking it’s a snack.

1PM: After lunch we got a delivery of our NEW toaster oven. It was bigger than I thought it would be, but I’m so excited because it can also do rotisserie chicken AND is an airfryer.

reading books and freeze pops

2PM: Around 2pm I took a work break so Miles and I could connect and have a snack. Most days this looks like “hunting in the woods”, wrestling, or checking on the chickens, but today he wanted to read some books.

3PM: I knew I was getting close to my workout time so while I was wrapping things up at work I was also checking my blood sugar. I like to watch it 30-60 minutes before my work out starts so that I can start my workout off strong and in a good spot.


4PM: Getting a picture of my workout meant I had to set a photo timer 😂 not the best picture, but it’s what I got.

For the past couple months I’ve been doing Caroline Girvan’s workouts on YouTube and holy moly, does she make me shake and sweat!

Cooking Dinner

5PM: Now it was time to get dinner started. This night I was making my Chili Mac n Cheese.

Chili Mac n Cheese

6PM: It was BOMB!

7PM: We cleaned up dinner FAST and headed out the door to catch the last hour(s) of daylight. As we were heading out the door we saw this massive moth on our bug light.

8PM: If you couldn’t already tell, we are big book lovers in this family. Everynight we all lay in bed together and I read 3 books, then Justin tells a story. We are always so tired and barely hanging on by book 3 that once justin starts telling a story we’re out after 30 seconds (justin included).

That’s a Wrap!

That was fun! If you liked this style of post then let me know in the comments!

I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next week.

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  1. Rick Phillips June 24, 2023 at 8:49 pm - Reply

    That is a Luna moth, one of the most beautiful moths in North America. It has a wide range but is only sparodically spotted. Seeing one in full display is a great treat. Here are some interesting protrayls of Luna Moths:

    It is the only moth ever featured on a US postage stamp
    Book – Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Micheal Chabon
    Livingstone Mouse by Pamela Edwards
    Two Songs – “You” and “Monster” by REM.

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