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Life As A T1D Blogger #11

Woop-woop, it’s Friday again and we’re coming off a birthday high! Miles’s birthday is in July and with such a big family we’ve had FIVE birthday celebrations for him already 🥳 😅

Yes, FIVE.

This is a new thing we’re trying this year in hopes of making it easier… which I know FIVE birthday parties doesn’t seem easier than one, but hear me out…

Every year prior we’ve hosted just ONE BIG party, at our house, with everyone… grandparents, family, and friends. But this year, since we wanted to make it easier (hosting is hard work!) and less chaotic, we decided to have ONE planned party, with his friends.

Then of course, on his actual birthday, which fell mid-week this year, we celebrated with him here at the house. He got a special breakfast, opened his presents from us, we went to the local lake (ran into some of his friends which was awesome and totally unplanned), we went fishing, and had breakfast for dinner (a special request from the birthday boy).

Breakfast for Dinner Birthday Request

The three remaining birthday celebrations were with each of his Grandparents. We met at their house on different days, and they loved on him, gave him cake and presents, and we celebrated him.

And all this was actually was a lot easier. Plus, who doesn’t love having a BIRTHDAY MONTH?!

Speaking of making things easier, I recently got a new diabetes case from Sugar Medical and WOoooooOoW 😍

Sugar Medical Supply Bag

I have loved every case I’ve gotten from Sugar Medical, but this is HANDS👏DOWN👏 my favorite case of theirs.

Inside My Diabetes Bag Sugar Medical

There are TWO things that make this insulated supply bag stand out from their other bags:

ONE. Easy grab handle. A handle is KEY, and while their other bags do have handles, I love how this isn’t a “loop” handle that I have to finagle my hand into. I just grab it and go.

TWO. Zippered Pouch & Insulated Pouch. Having a specific spot for everything is nice. HOWEVER, I feel like my tech and supplies are always changing, so having one big pouch has served me much better in recent years.

In this pouch I can fit everything I need for the day:

  • Diabetes Supplies
  • Low Snacks (more on this in a minute)
  • Phone
  • Thyroid medicine
  • Keys

Inside My Diabetes Bag Sugar Medical

If you’re like, “I NEED THIS TOO!” then head over to SugarMedical.com and use the code T1DLIVING to save 10% on your order.

And while we’re on the topic of stocking your bag with low snacks, I wanted to share what I look for in my ideal low snacks.

My Ideal Low Snacks

When I stock my bag, pantry, or car I look for a few things:

  1. Low profile (meaning they’re slim and don’t take up much space, like a juice box would).
  2. They pack a serious glucose punch.
  3. Healthy & clean ingredients
  4. They don’t melt or freeze.

Thankfully I didn’t have to look too hard because THREE companies made this really easy for me. These snacks have been my FAVORITE low snacks for YEARS because they check ALL the boxes:

1. Solely Fruit Leather (Mango)

You can find these at WholeFoods, Thrive Market, Amazon, and even my local grocery store has them.

Solely Low Snacks

2. Honey Packet

I usually pick these up at my local grocery store, but you can also get them on Amazon.

raw unfiltered honey

3. Maple Syrup Packet

I first heard about this company when I entered into their IG contest to win a box of their maple syrup…and I won!

Just like the honey packets this is a packet that contains ONLY pure maple syrup. Their packaging has changed since I took this picture with my winnings.

You can order directly from their website or on Amazon.

Untapped Maple Syrup


Well, that’s a wrap for this week! I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next week.

What’s on the menu for next week 👩‍🍳

M: Steak Kabobs with Salads
T: Fish Tacos
W: Egg Roll in a Bowl
T: Chicken Cobb Salad
F: Chicken Cordon Bleu
S: Left Overs
S: Soup & Quesadillas

Protein: Chicken Salad with Grapes and Pecans
Veggie: Veggies & Hummus
Sweet: Avocado Brownies


  1. Allie July 14, 2023 at 9:39 am - Reply

    Breakfast for dinner was always my favorite dinner too! And THANK YOU for the low snack ideas! I have a similar checklist for my low snacks but I never heard of these! My current favorite is pitted dates.

    • T1D Living July 26, 2023 at 11:01 am - Reply

      Yes! Breakfast for dinner FOR THE WIN!! I love dates! Such a good idea

  2. Rick Phillips July 14, 2023 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    I’m sorry but I cannot get past the five birthdays. I think that qualifies you for blogger of the year.

    • T1D Living July 26, 2023 at 11:02 am - Reply

      Hahah! Thank you! I was a lot easier than it sounds

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