Hello and happy Friday! If you’re new here, welcome to my Friday series, Life as a T1D Blogger, where I share a little glimpse into my life as a T1D blogger.

Let’s jump into it!

Life as a T1D Blogger #12

This week’s pod decor is one that I don’t think I’ve ever had before.

Shiny Shark Stickers

Omnipod Sticker Art DIY

The artist is my 5 year old son 🧑‍🎨 and while I loved how it turned out, I was super sad that it didn’t last past my shower 😭

I also wanted to share a new medical alert bracelet it got.

For years I have worn THIS ONE from RoadID, and I still LOVE it VERY MUCH. But I wanted to have a more feminine / delicate option.

Gold Bar Chain Medical Alert ID Type 1 Diabetes

I found it on Etsy HERE. It’s labeled as a “custom coordinate” bracelet, but I just had them engrave my information on it.

It says, Type 1 Diabetic // ICE (603) 777-7777  That’s not my husbands real phone number, but you get the idea.

It shipped SO fast and I haven’t taken it off since I got it.

I am super impressed with the quality and highly recommend this bracelet for a medical ID!

And while we’re on the topic of recommendations…

I’ve been getting way more into fitness and lifting heavy things and have LOVED the podcast Better by Dr. Stephanie Estima, Chiropractor and former body builder.


And I just picked up her book “The Betty Body” last week and highly recommend it (and the podcast!). If increasing your muscle mass and losing fat is a goal of yours then you’ve gotta read this book and listen to the podcast. SO much good information and so many actionable steps.

Betty Body dr Stephanie Estima

Strength training has been incredible for my blood sugar, my body’s response to insulin, AND my bodys response to carbs.

It’s just been incredible. And no, I do not eat Keto or Low Carb.

And since low carb is subjective… what is low carb to one isn’t low carb to another,  I’ll tell you how many carbs I eat.

I eat about 30-40g carbs per meal.

Libre CGM Graph Type 1 Diabetes

If you’re new to strength training and are like, where do I start?! or maybe you have been doing it for a while and want to switch things up, I highly highly HIGHLY recommend the YouTube videos from Caroline Girvan.

I started with her FUEL playlist. I did every workout in this series, in order from 1-31, and then moved on to her next playlist. You can do the playlists in any order you want, you don’t have to start with the same playlist I started with.

How often do I work out and for how long?

I workout every other day. This has been the most consistent routine for me and has really allowed me to push myself harder during the workouts because I know I have the next day off. Since doing this “every other day” schedule I haven’t missed a SINGLE day since I started doing it 6 months ago.

How long are my workouts?

My workouts are 30-40 minutes long, because that’s how long Carolines videos are.

I have gained so much strength since doing her workouts and I am seeing some serious definitely in my muscles.

It’s a great feeling when your heavy weights become your light weights 💪

That’s a wrap for today!

I hope you have good blood sugars and an awesome weekend!

What’s on the Menu for Next Week 👩‍🍳

M: Egg Roll in a Bowl with Salad
T: Honey Mustard Chicken, side of veggies, homemade french fries
W: Bruschetta Chicken over pasta & zuke noodle, garlic bread, salad
T: Soup & Quesadillas, with side salad
F: Sausage, Peppers, and Onions with rice, cucumber salad
S: Left Overs
S: Chili Mac n Cheese with side salad

Protein: Egg Salad
Veggie: DIY Pickled Carrots
Sweet: Brownie PB Fudge Cups from Upbeet & Kaleing It

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    I need your diabetes secrets! That CGM graph is incredible!

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