It’s been a minute.

And by a minute I mean a couple weeks.

But I’m back!

I had some personal/family things pop-up at the end of August that needed my full attention and presence, but everything is good now, and I’m back.

And we have a lot to catch up on!


Coming Up on the Blog

I had two August posts that I wasn’t able to get to…. Burger Salad Recipe and How to Silence a Screaming Omnipod.

The Burger Salad Recipe will post on Tuesday! And the Screaming Omnipod post will go live sometime this month.

This is also when I make my Fire Cider and Garlic Honey for the upcoming cold & flu season. I haven’t posted my Garlic Honey recipe yet, so I may be doing that this month too.

natural herbal cold and flu remedies fire cider

New Series on FB & IG

I’ve decided to start a fun new series on Instagram and Facebook.

I know I always love seeing people’s pod & cgm placements (and their pump art), so I’ve decided to share mine! (and I’d love for you to share yours too!) Every pod or CGM change I’ll be posting a pic of my new site and art.

Use the hashtags #T1DPodPic or #CGMselfie.


Course Update

I have recorded ALL videos for the Beyond the Insulin course! Woop-woop!

Now it’s onto the video editing process. I may be re-recording some of the video since the audio is a bit echo-y, but I may be able to fix that in the editing process. We’ll see.

After editing the videos, then I’ll upload them into teachable (or some other course platform) and then we should be ready to rock-n-roll!

Have a Great Weekend

That was a lot of catching up. But now you’re up to speed!

I’m off to content plan for October and make some more chicken feed for the ladies 🐔 No-one has ever asked what my recipe is, BUT in case you were wondering, this is the recipe I use.

What’s On the Menu This Week 👩‍🍳

M: Teriyaki Salmon with Local Veggies and Rice
T: Wings, Quesadillas, Salad
W: Chicken Parm with pasta and spaghetti squash + local veggies
T: Steak & Turkey Kabobs with local veggies + potato salad
F: Leftovers
S: Soup, Grilled Cheese, & Salad
S: Egg Roll in a Bowl

Protein: Chicken Salad
Sweet: Chickpea Cookie Dough Bars
Veggie: Garden Veggies with Ranch

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  1. Rick Phillips September 16, 2023 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    My Grandson selected cool cats for my pumps art this time. Oh yeah, I am a cool cat. At least that is what I tell Sheryl she thinks I am. See

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