Notice the name change? High Five Fridays was great… but I don’t think it was helpful for new people finding the blog and were wondering WTHeck is a High Five Friday? Life of a T1D Blogger seems much more intuitive and descriptive of what these Friday posts actually are.

So instead of starting over at #1, let’s just continue rolling with the numbers from #9 right into #10

Life of a T1D Blogger #10

Happy Friday and happy 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND!

I have my CGM & pump all decked out for the holiday weekend.

If you want my easy DIY CGM tutorial then check it out here: DIY Libre CGM Stickers.

The pump is sharpies all the way 👍🇺🇸

4th of july omnipod insulin pump

Our plans for this long weekend include lots of lake time, pontoon boating, fireworks on the lake, water trampolines, and fishing 🚣‍♀️🎣🚤☀️

If you’re on my email list you know that it was my plan to finish recording videos for the course… however I wasn’t able to get a SINGLE video recorded because I woke up on Monday morning with CRAZY dizzy spells that had me bed & couch bound for DAYS.

It was miserable.

I have never experienced dizziness before so I knew nothing about it, but apparently your ear has crystals/stones in it that can get dislodged and when that happens GOOD LUCK not puking or even being able to stand up.

Thankfully I was able to get in with a physical therapist right away, she did some maneuvers to get the crystals back in place and I felt a heck of a whole lot better! I’m still having a liiiiittle bit of lingering nausea but MAN do I feel better!

ANYWHOOOOOoooo, I’m on the mend and hopefully we can stick to our 4th of July plans 🙏

Now, to abruptly change topics 😂

Do you use the butter draw for insulin storage? Of course you do…(I do too 😜)

But now we don’t have to! Check out these babies! ☹️

Insulin Vial Refrigerator Storage

Refrigerator Insulin storage!

Genius. Pure genius.

Get the Pen Storage       Get the Vial Storage

Heads Up, No Posts For Next Week

With the 4th of July falling on a Tuesday this year, and our long weekend plans of being “unplugged”, I will not be posting next week. BUT I will be back the following week (July 11).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and awesome blood sugars (and of course I hope you see a killer fireworks show! 😜🤘)

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