The land of newborns… so beautiful yet extremely unpredictable. What works one day doesn’t necessarily work the next (kind of like diabetes). What you expect to be your newborn essentials and what ends up being your newborn essentials can be two VERY different things.

You can load up on one brand of diapers only to find that they can’t hold in a blow out. Or you can splurge on a big fancy crib, only to find out that your newborn does better co-sleeping. That’s why I wanted to share with you my top 10 newborn essentials! If your diaper cream isn’t working out quite like you thought, maybe my favorite one will! Or maybe you’re putting together your baby shower registry (check out mine here) and want a diaper bag that is specifically made for diabetics.

Whatever it may be, I hope this list can help inspire you to get into a good groove with your newborn and hopefully make that mama life a bit easier!

My Top 10 Newborn Essentials

1. Earth Mama Diaper Balm

Newborn Essentials Earth Mama

This diaper balm came highly recommended to me by a good friend who swears by it! And now I do too. I had a couple other diaper creams on hand which worked okay… but this cream takes the cake. It’s organic, non-toxic, and a powerhouse when it comes to soothing & clearing up a diaper rash.

2. Water Wipes & Seventh Generation Diapers

natural baby registry water wipes Newborn Essentials Seventh Generation Baby Diapers

We tried several brands of diapers and wipes and these two are our absolute favorites! The water wipes are more wet than other brands so you can clean off a lot more. And the Seventh Generation diapers have been incredible at keeping blowouts in without being too stiff around his belly and legs.

3. Onesie with Long Sleeve

Newborn Essentials onesie

Onesies with long sleeves are a MUST if you have a newborn. All long sleeve newborn onesies have foldover sleeves which cover those razor sharp baby talons. They are way better than the newborn mittens/gloves which easily fly off once your bub starts throwing his arms around.

4. Baby Wearing

baby-wearing-2 baby-wearing

Newborns like to be held a lot….like 24/7. And if you enjoy doing things with two hands… heck, if you enjoy doing things with one hand, then I HIGHLYYYY recommend getting either a sling, wrap, or carrier.

5. Myabetic Diaper Bag

Newborn Essentials Diabetic Diaper Bag Newborn-Essentials-myabetic-Diaper-Bag

Even before I became a Mother, my purse was the size of a diaper bag; I mean how else are we supposed to carry around our thousand of diabetes things? So when I actually became a mother I realized… I don’t need a BIGGER bag, I just need a bag that is better designed for my needs.

The Myabetic Kerri Diabetes Tote is the PERFECT diaper bag for people with diabetes. The front clutch, which is detachable, is 100% dedicated to me. It has compartments for all my diabetes supplies, pockets for credit cards & IDs, and plenty of room for snacks. Then there’s the tote which is about 75% Miles & 25% Mama! In Miles’s section of the tote I can fit diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, muslin, and toys. There is an insulated section where I can put my insulin or pumped milk for Miles. Plus I also stash a few extra low snacks in the tote and tuck my phone into the outside pouch. This bag was designed perfectly for a Mom with diabetes.

6. Water Mug with Straw

Newborn Essentials water mug with straw

I have never been as thirsty in my life as when I started breastfeeding. I refill my water constantly! And since I don’t always have a free hand to drink it, the straw comes in handy!

7. Breast Pump & Avent Naturals Bottle

natural baby registry spectra breast pump Newborn-Essentials-avent-naturals-glass-bottles

While I don’t have much to compare them to, since these were the first and only ones we tried, I will say that they are great! The breast pump is awesome and Miles loves these bottles. This bottle was highly recommended for breastfed babies and seems to be a favorite in the mommy community I’m in.

8. Good Books

girl-wash-your-face its-okay-not-to-share keto-diet-for-type-1-diabetics magic-hour

I am constantly being nap trapped and snack trapped. Whenever Miles falls asleep on me or starts feeding there is no telling if it will last 2 minutes or 2 hours, which is why I have a book in every corner of the house… no lie! Here’s what in the corners right now.

9. Nest on Etsy

natural baby registry nest etsy organic nest

Co-sleeping is our jam right now and this nest has been incredible! But it’s incredible-ness doesn’t just stop at bed time. This portable bed is so easy to tote around the house or to take along when you travel. It’s super soft, made from 100% organic cotton and is super easy to wash.

10. Free-Hand Savers (Activity Mat & Rock n’ Play)

natural baby registry rock-n-playNewborn-Essentials-activity-mat

When Miles was a newborn he could only sit happily in theses for about 5 minutes, but that 5 minutes boy, is pure GOLD when you have a newborn. And you’d be surprised how much you can do in 5 minutes when you’re a Mom. Now that he is over the 2 month mark he will play and sit happily in them for 15-20 minutes, which is a huuuuuuge help!

Question of the Day

What are your favorite newborn essentials?



  1. Bonnie September 18, 2018 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    the water is key! i was so thirsty when i waas breastfeeding too. worse than a high blood sugar! having a white noise machine was our #1 baby essential, although it wasnt an actual white noise machine, it was an air purifier 🙂

  2. Cara M September 20, 2018 at 7:06 am - Reply

    Swaddles were my lifesaver!! I know some babies don’t like to be wrapped tight once they experience freedom heheh but it really soothed my girl.

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