Pregnancy got you backed up? I have great news for you because there are SO many ways to treat constipation naturally and none of them involve nasty plastic (like Miralax) or artificial dyes & flavors (like Metamucil). 


Below are my 7 go-to constipation remedies. Typically I start at the top of the list and work my way down until my belly engine starts-a-turnin’.


Nine times out of ten I don’t need much more than magnesium, water, and a squatty potty, but if that doesn’t do the trick then I start stacking the rest of the remedies on top of each other until my bowels get the hint. 




My Favorite Natural Ways to Treat Constipation During Pregnancy


1. Drink Lots of Water. Dehydration is one of the top causes of constipation during pregnancy. Based on my weight (which is 150lbs) I should be drinking anywhere from ½ gallon – 1 gallon per day…. When pregnant or breastfeeding that amount is closer to 1 gallon. To find out how much you should be drinking multiply your weight by 0.5oz for the lower end and by 1oz for the higher end. 


2. Squatty Potty. Pooping position plays a big steaming role in constipation and ease of a “movement”. Sometimes all you need is the proper pooping position and your constipation problems literally go down the toilet. 


3. Topical Magnesium Lotion. I apply magnesium lotion daily because I have diabetes (see the connection here). I double up on it when I’m pregnant and/or having bathroom problems because magnesium is great for relieving constipation and getting the bowls to function properly.  Earthley makes the most amazing magnesium lotion that doesn’t burn, has super clean ingredients, and is made by a superwoman Mom of 5. I just slather this on my feet every night (because the feet have a phenomenal magnesium absorption rate) and go to sleep (magnesium is a great relaxer and really helps you wind down).


4. Organic psyllium husks. This is the idea behind metamucil – but without all the extra junk!


5. Blackstrap Molasses. Up to 4 tablespoons a day.


6. Prune Juice/Prunes. Since prune juice is loaded with sugar, I will typically only drink 8-16oz. And even that small amount does the trick!


7. High Doses of Vitamin C. With this, I work my way up until I hit “bowel intolerance”… aka when you poop. How much is that exactly? I personally use Radiant C powder (by Pure Synergy). I’ll start with 1 tsp which is 480mg (0.48g). Do that for a couple days and if I’m still backed up then I’ll up the vitamin c dose to 2 tsp per day, which is 960mg (0.96g).

I’ve never need more than that but I could go higher; Dr. Suzanne Humphries recommends up to 2,600mg (26g) (or until you hit bowel intolerance) for a 150lb person, divided into 18 doses per day for treatment of colds (especially whooping cough). For illness, once you hit bowel intolerance you go back down to your previous dose and continue until the illness is gone. But for constipation, once my bowels move I stop the dose. For reference, here is Dr. Suzanne Humphries Vitamin C dosing chart for Illness.





Well, friends, there you have it! There are SO many natural constipation remedies out there that are safe during pregnancy. Thankfully I haven’t had to look outside this short list because I’m usually moving after trying the first three. 


Question of the Day


What are your favorite pregnant/not pregnant constipation remedies? 





  1. Rick Phillips July 24, 2019 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    Funny, I was never constipated during pregnancy. Oh wait, you mean Sheryl? I used to just make her run around the house until she pooped. Yes sometimes it might take 4-5 days, but it always worked. 🙂

    • T1D Living July 25, 2019 at 8:45 am - Reply

      Hahah! Rick! You always make me laugh!! Movement will definitely get you moving!

  2. Jenny July 25, 2019 at 10:47 am - Reply

    Magnesium is my super hero! I make a DIY spray and spray it on my legs & feet after a shower or bath. Also, exercise and a couple sips of my husbands morning coffee always does the trick.

  3. Fitness diet January 25, 2020 at 5:15 am - Reply

    Thanks you and I admire you to have the courage the talk about this,This was a very meaningful post for me.Thank you.

    • T1D Living February 20, 2020 at 11:35 am - Reply

      You’re welcome! and Thank you 🙂

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