The cold weather is here and so is NEW diabetes gear for Fall 2021! Everything from gear to low snacks to shirts, and more! If you have anything to add let me know in the comments below!

NEW Diabetes Gear for FALL 2021

This Fall there is a lot of great diabetes gear that has come out. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you know of something new that’s come out please share it in the comments below!

Now let’s dive in!


1. Patch +

Sugar Medical (the maker of diabetes bags, backpacks, and more) has partnered with Pump Peelz (the company that makes stickers for diabetes devices) to make MATCHING SETS. This matching set line is called Patch +.

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2. Pump Peelz Fall Collection (glow in the dark!)

Dexcom with fall collection of pump peelz

Pump Peelz released their NEW Fall patterns! Some even glow in the dark! Get Pump Peelz for your Dexcom, Libre, Omnipod, BG Meter, Medtronic, lancet, and more!




3. Glucose SOS, New ” Fruit Medley” Flavor

Glucose SOS Fruit Melody

Glucose SOS is a fast-absorbing glucose powder you can add to any drink (or sprinkle it right in your mouth) to increase BG levels. They just introduced this NEW Fruit Medley flavor. They are free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and additives.




4. Road ID Fall Collection

Road ID just released their Fall Harvest collection. RoadID is my favorite medical alert ID company and the one I’ve been using for the past 7 years. Their silicone bands are great for




5. Myabetic Glucose Glam Cozy Blanket

woman wrapped in diabetes blanket

Plush sherpa on the inside & fleece blanket on the outside. This blanket has such a fun diabetes design!




6. Myabetic Bay Blue Amy Diabetes Handbag (their most popular color is back in stock)

Myabetic Amy Bag

A diabetes shoulder bag designed for everyday use.  Its large insulated center section includes a removable insert that organizes diabetes supplies. Simply detach for easy packing and at-home use. Your wallet, keys, glasses, makeup, tablet, and phone can travel safely with your diabetes necessities in this spacious carry-all. Designed for wearable, on-the-go blood sugar testing.




7. Quick Scan Medical ID Watch SleeveMyID Scanable Medical alert

Slide this sleeve onto your existing watch band or wrist-wear to feel safe in any scenario. The QR code on the back makes it easy for medical professionals to scan and access information in an emergency. You’re more than a single-word description of your condition – let your medical ID reflect that. Ditch your old school, engraved medical ID for this quick-scan sleeve that securely holds unlimited medical and contact information. Slide it onto your existing watch band or wristwear to feel safe in any scenario. Created by our friends at MyID.




8. T1D Living Halloween Designs

T1D Living Fall Designs

New Diabetes designs have hit the T1D Living shop! Get your T1D Spooky on this Halloween!




9. Lesser Evil PeaNots

Lesser Evil PeaNOTS I ordered these in my most recent Thrive order and they were delicious! They are low carb and high in protein, making them perfect for snacking and blood sugar stability.




10. REVELwear Pump Pockets

For those on a tubed pump RevelWear has come to your rescue so you never have to think about where you’re storing your pump again!


But that’s not all of the NEW Diabetes Gear for FALL 2021

Let me know in the comments below of you know of any NEW diabetes gear for Fall 2021!



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  1. Rick Phillips October 14, 2021 at 7:59 pm - Reply

    All great stuff. I love the fruit medley glucose packs. Yes, the cherry is less expensive, but, it gets old. The fruit medley is worth it.

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