Boom-shaka-laka! It’s Friday! And the start of Father’s Day weekend!

I’m posting a liiiiiittle late today because we spent the morning strawberry picking 🍓👩‍🌾

But speaking of Father’s Day weekend, our plans are pretty chill. Justin isn’t big into gifts… he is MUCH MUCH more into experiences. So for Father’s Day this year we’re spending the day on Sunday riding at our local downhill mountain bike park.

He’ll also probably get a fancy breakfast (and dinner), and a deep tissue (as deep as I can get) hand massage. You’d be surprised how tight your hands get after a long day of downhill mountain biking.

If you’re wondering what a fancy breakfast looks like in our house, it’s chocolate chip pancakes, omelets, and some kind of fruity thing (like homemade berry yogurt or sliced fruit). So not too much of a departure from our normal breakfast… so I guess it’s just the chocolate chip pancakes that do it.

Today I wanted some podcasts that I’ve listened too lately that I have absolutely LOVED!

always forward podcast

The first being 066 The Education Crisis: Are We Planning Our Children’s Failure? with Matt Beaudreau by Marine Vet Nick Koumalatsos. His podcast, Always Forward, is new to me and I have been LOVING it. If you read last weeks High Five Friday post you would have seen my current reading stack and how it’s all about education and getting a better understanding of how kids learn and how kids fail. This podcast is right in line with that and I had so many “ah-ha” moments while listening to this podcast episode. I highly recommend listing.

diabetes connections podcast

The second podcast is A Better Lancet in the Age of CGM’s by Stacy Sims. Her podcast Diabetes Connections has been a diabetes favorite of mine. I just ordered the PIP lancets and cannot wait to try them out.

scary stories for creepy kids podcast

And last, but certainly not least (it probably should have been first) is Daddy Dearest by Scary Stories for Creepy Kids. This is Miles’s favorite podcast to listen to right now. They are scary stories written and told by kids. They are the perfect mix of funny and spooky. On the scary scale of 1-10, 10 being the scariest, these are a 2, however this Daddy Dearest is like a 6. Alien Invasion, Burger Head, The Very Scary Tooth Fairy, and A Day at the Carnival are some of Miles’s favorites

That’s it for this week! I hope you have a great Father’s Day weekend showering the dads and grandpas in your life with love (and maybe some peace & quiet if that’s what they want).

Talk to you next week!

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