Summer is upon us, and as the temperatures rise so does our need for a whole new set of diabetes supplies and accessories. Insulin coolers, travel/to-go cases, and stuff that helps our diabetes tech stay put through the sun, sweat, and swimming. Here’s a list of NEW Diabetes Gear & Accessories for Summer 2023 that I’ve found. Let me know in the comments if you know of anything else and I’ll add it!

NEW Diabetes Gear & Accessories for Summer 2023

Not Just a Patch: Air Patches

Lighter than air, these edge to edge adhesive patches are made for a guaranteed 14 day hold. They are waterproof, sweat proof, and life proof! CGM styles include Freestyle Libre, Dexcom, and Medtronic CGMs.These patches use a Unique micropore patch for 100% breathability and no fraying!

I have not tried these but they look amazing! And I’m not sure how I’ve never heard of this company until just now, but I’m glad I found them!

Shop them here at

Myabetic Insulin Vial Protectors

There are few things worse in diabetes land than when a glass vial, full of insulin, shatters on the ground. That’s why a few years ago THIS was the only way I stored my insulin vials. Since then a few companies (like SugarMedical) have come out with insulin vial protectors. And now, Myabetic has just launched their own line of insulin vial protectors.

Shop them now at

PumpPeelz Summer Collection 2023

PumpPeelz has been my favorite patch company for a very long time. Their sticker quality is excellent and the patterns are always so fun. Their summer collection for 2023 just launched and has over 25 NEW designs!

Shop the Summer 2023 collection here at

RoadID Summer 2023 Collection

RoadID has been my go-to medical alert bracelet company. I’ve been wearing their gear since 2012. My personal favorite is their Stretch ID which has a whole bunch of NEW COLORS! In addition to that, they just launched their new summer collection for 2023 and I’m loving it!

Shop their Summer 2023 collection at

NEW Supply Case from Sugar Medical

Sugar Medical has just released their NEW Insulated Diabetes Insulin Supply Case. There’s even a spot for an icepack! Can hold up to 4 pens (or vials), an icepack, and has a large zippered pocket for a meter, test strips, lancet, and more! Five colors available.

NEW Colors for Sugar Medical Cases

Sugar Medical has introduced 5 NEW patterns for their diabetes case II. Shop them here!

And they’ve launched a NEW pattern for their Convertible Supply Case!

Save 10% on your ENTIRE ORDER when you use the code T1DLIVING at checkout.

Type One Vibes DD (diabetes delight) Cup

t1d coffee tea mug

How cute is this coffee/tea mug? Created by Jenna, a fellow T1D! Her shop, Type One Vibes, has lots of cool diabetes illustrated swag. Shop her swag HERE.

Her IG account @typeonevibes also has tons of great line drawings which can be purchased through her IG.

Type One Vibes Art

Sugar and Pins Omnipod Covers

Sugar and Pins Omnipod Covers

Similar to my DIY bedazzled insulin pump, Sugar and Pins has created reusable, snap-on, omnipod covers that are so sparkly and beautiful! Use code SUMMER23 for 20% OFF your order.

Shop her pod covers HERE.

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  1. David Morrison June 11, 2023 at 2:01 pm - Reply

    Glad to see you don’t include “smart” watches. They emit microwave radiation directly into the skin. Many people have ditched them due to skin rashes and other problems associated with microwave sickness. Cell phone companies tell you to keep the phone an inch away from your body yet the watch uses the same frequency as a phone and is directly against the body. They know no shame in the name of profit.

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