This red raspberry leaf tea recipe is one I have used for YEARS.

I used it pre-pregnancy to tone my uterus and prepare it for pregnancy.

I used it during pregnancy to support a healthy uterus, to prime the body for labor and childbirth.

And it didn’t stop there. I used it postpartum to heal my uterus and pelvic area and help rebalance hormones.

I still drink it to this day. It’s an excellent uterine tonic and helps support the hormones and functions that are specific to female health and anatomy.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea How To

A little on Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (RRL)

  • Red raspberry leaf tea tastes NOTHING like raspberries. It tastes more like a black breakfast tea.
  • Has been proven to shorten the final stages of labor and reduce complications
  • Can be foraged in your own backyard (Grow a Good Life and The Grizzly Forager have great posts on how to do this)

I plan on taking a DEEP DIVE into RRL and all of its benefits for women, especially women with T1D. So keep your eyes peeled for that! This post is just the recipe.

Iced RRL

How Much to Drink for the Benefits

Non-Pregnant Ladies: 1-3 cups of tea per day. Each cup containing 1TBSP of loose leaf tea (or 1 tea bag).

Pregnant: This is a controversial one. Just about every article on Google tells you to wait until the 3rd trimester. Some midwives recommend waiting until the 2nd trimester. This is because RRL can increase uterine contractions and threaten early labor, though there are no studies to support this. And other midwives recommend drinking it at every point in your pregnancy journey (pre-pregnancy to postnatal) because it has been used safely during pregnancy for centuries.

If you’re pregnant, talk with your midwife or doctor. Start with 1 cup daily and watch for any uterine cramping or other reactions. If you don’t experience any then you can up it to 2 cups daily. If you notice any cramping cut back on your dosage for 2 weeks and try again.

I personally took an this herbal tincture containing Red Raspberry Leaf tea all throughout my pregnancy and introduced the tea in my 2nd trimester.

Labor Day Tea: I got this labor day tea recipe from Mama Natural. 4 cups of water with 1.5 cups of loose RR leaf (or 24 tea bags! Yes, that’s no type…TWENTY FOUR tea bags). Let steep in hot water for 20-30 minutes. Strain (if using loose leaf tea) and sip through the day.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Recipe

RRL Tea iced

Iced Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Recipe

Servings 1 cup


  • 1.5 cup hot water
  • 1 TBSP loose leaf tea (or 1 tea bag)


  • Allow tea to steep for 5-10 minutes.
  • Strain (if using loose leaf tea) and enjoy!


RRL Iced Tea: Pour over ice and add frozen raspberries and a squeeze of lemon juice.
RRL Tea Latte: Add a splash of creamer or milk and some maple syrup or honey
Spiced Tea: Add a pinch of cinnamon and clove, and a bit of honey.

My Favorite Brands

Frontier Red Raspberry Leaf-Tea-Recipe

I normally buy the brand FGO, but it looks like it’s sold out and they only have a tea bag version. So I have Frontier sitting in my Amazon cart for when I need to order more RRL loose leaf tea.

Traditional Medicinals Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Traditional Medicinals is my favorite tea bag brand.

My Favorite Variations

RRL Iced Tea
Pour over ice and add frozen raspberries and some maple syrup

RRL Tea Latte
Add a splash of creamer or milk and some maple syrup

Spiced Tea
Add a pinch of cinnamon and clove, and a bit of honey.

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